Blue Beetle due August 2023

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I actually watched it a second time cuz a friend didn't want to watch Mutant Mayhem. Darn it, I wanted to watch Mayhem again, haha

Anyway, new observations...

Jaime went to college in Gotham? He wore a Gotham sweater when talking to his dad in the backyard.

Supposedly the only way to remove the scarab is if the host dies. Dan Garret, the original Beetle, must have been killed else he sacrificed himself for it to be removed. But why is the scarab encased in a concrete meteor and missing?

Turns out that that when I tuned out during the draining scene, I DIDN'T miss a scene with Doctor guy coming into a good guy face heel turn. He really DID just switch sides with no impetus? Ugh. I really thought I missed a scene where something sparks the change, like he says you can't kill a new life combination or one last straw verbal abuse. Boo.

Beetle creating his weapons is like Generator Rex and his nanites, haha. Both are Hispanic too.

Nobody actually told Jaime about the fatality. He was worried about his uncle cuz he saw him get shot but nobody confirmed the fatality when they met him and he didn't ask about it.

Something I noted the first time around that I didn't like was the ending was them saying how the community was coming together, when their neighbors came over. But none of them helped when the house got invaded. There was a scene of a couple with a baby looking at the commotion but nobody tried to intervene or whatever.

Edit - oh, also, Jaime actually dissolved the staples into nothingness, at the last part. He wasn't touching them or needed to reabsorb the substance. He never did anything like that in Young Justice.

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The suit's ability to generate... "whatever".... is very much like the later Iron Man suits in the MCU. By the time Infinity War rolls around, Tony's practically a Green Lantern.

Movies usually just chalk it up to the catch-all explanation of "Nanotech".
Can't speak to Blue Beetle's, but Iron Man's nanites were finite, as I recall, with Thanos basically destroying them bit by bit.


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Can't speak to Blue Beetle's, but Iron Man's nanites were finite, as I recall, with Thanos basically destroying them bit by bit.

Well, even Superman has limits. It took Thanos coming at Tony one-on-one to finally break that ceiling, though. Tony's nanotech suit made him ridiculously powerful. IIRC, it was those final dual energy beams he tried using that began to overwhelm the suit's power supply, and it started disappearing. Without knowing exactly how the nanotech works, it's possible that at more modest power uses it could continue generating material for as long as the Arc reactor had power to feed it. It could have the ability to assimilate surrounding inanimate matter to renew itself.

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