Black Adam Coming to theaters October 2022!

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Looks neat, and I like the cast and characters. I will definitely have to watch this when it gets to streaming at least.

Fero McPigletron

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Aaaah. That's why Marvel has Adam Warlock appearing in Guardians.

It's the war of the Adams. Black Adam vs Adam Warlock!

Fero McPigletron

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Something someone else noticed online but a kid in the trailer has a shirt like Silver Age Starboy of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Perhaps other Legionnaires will pop up... in the future, haha


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Spin Masters actually has a modest little product line for this movie! About on par with The Batman, it's still a better showing than most of Hasbro's recent MCU stuff or how they've been handling Star Wars the last few years.
The central focus is a 4" line akin to what they've been doing for the last few years. Confirmed are Cyclone, Atom Smasher, Hawk-man, Dr. Fate and Black Adam. Also on offer is the Hawk Cruiser which comes with both Hawkman and Black Adam. Amazon also has an exclusive pack which features the entire wave of figures plus a throne for Black Adam (at the expense of the accessories they would have come with individually, it seems).
12" iterations of BA, Atom Smasher, Dr Fate and Hawkman are being offered as well.
Black Adam has a 12" "Power Punch" feature figure on tap.

If they continue following the pattern of The Batman, other retailer exclusive bundles are likely on tap, unlikely to offer much changes from the usual retail release.

These are due on shelf by the end of the month, just in time for the movie's release.

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Seeing it in an hour.

Too many headlines in Facebook spoiling some stuff about it, urgh

Edit - it was awesome! I went in semi blind, as I didn't watch the trailer. Heck, I only knew two of the JSA who were suppose to appear.

(In fact, if I didn't see the posters out front, I couldn't have answered the trivia question they had before the screening. It was 'what was the super team' so I knew it was JSA but they asked secondary questions like what it stood for and who were the members shown in the movie. Thank goodness I checked the standees and posters outside. Also, I thought I might be penalized for saying Justice Society of America, when they just said Justice Society in the movie. Anyway, I won a shirt, cap and power bank).


Anyhow, yeeeeah Dwayne still had a nice-guy twang to his voice and the whole deal of the Justice Society being there was odd (ala, if you're so well prepared, where were you during the Justice League movie type thing. Also politically) but you kinda forget it later.

Dynamic action pieces, Adam being veeeeery outworldly, the powers on display were well done, especially the wind, some humor (hints of Peter Parkerness actually).

Main thing is this totally could have been a Justice Society vehicle. Like, dang.

Oh, confirmed that the mid credit scene was ruined for me by huge headlines in Facebook, blarg.

Hmm, my best DC movie pick is still Shazam for the humor but Black Adam is probably my second best now.

My top 3 movies of 2022 still Maverick but Black Adam is now in it too. Wondering if I'll drop Strange 2 or Bullet Train.
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