Beast Machines preproduction materials found!


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It's funny. In the days when all of this Beast Machines preproduction content was first made, the fandom was instead insisting that Cybertron is the metallic asteroid prison of the Light God Primus, having trapped his essence inside it along with that of Unicron inside another asteroid, after tricking him into partaking in a battle between the two on the astral plane, and that Primus psionically reshaped his asteroid into the world of Planet Cybertron. And that that, and nothing else, was the one true origin for Cybertron and Unicron (five-faced squid aliens and space monkey be darned!).

How times have changed.

And, hey, that's probably another reason some of the early fandom hated Beast Machines, because its organic planet backstory for Cybertron defied the Marvel Comics origin for the planet, while Beast Wars didn't.

Salt-Man Z

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As someone who still prefers the Marvel G1 comic origin, I had nothing against Beast Machines' supposed contradictions; all origin stories/myths should always be taken with a grain of salt, after all. Even in the comics, Furman always took care to tell the Primus/Unicron story from a different perspective with slight differences in detail each time. (Shoot, in Regeneration One he even dabbled in "TFs weren't the indigenous race" a bit.)

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