Americans have guns, Germans have cars.


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I wish this was a joke, but the parallels are too eerily similar at this point.

Whenever gun restructions or even bans are even mentioned in the US, the right riles up behind the "second amendment, mah freedums" talking point.

Whenever a general speed limit is mentioned in Germany, there is a lot backlash by the "mah freedums" crowd, which quickly quells any further debate.

Guns are the most common weapon used in murder sprees in the US.

In Germany, the preferred weapon of choice is the car (or truck).


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Sadly cars as weapons is all to common stateside as well. Guns are just more convenient.


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Both countries need to abandon car culture and join the rest of the civilized world in embracing mass transit. Germany, arguably, has less of an excuse because it's a mostly-urbanized, densely-populated country like the rest of Europe. The US is so damn spread out that nothing short of forcibly relocating people from the suburbs back into the cities would fix people's reliance on cars, but at the very least we could ensure that those cities have better infrastructure.


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"...The US has the highest rate of firearms deaths among the world's wealthy nations, but is a country where many cherish gun rights that are protected by the Constitution's Second Amendment to "keep and bear arms"...

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