4 Sale- Movieverse, Selects And More!

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Thought I'd try the direct method for a couple of items.

Terms of sales:

1. Paypal only (REALY funds, none of that "crypto" shit)
2. Prices are in US Dollars and do not include shipping UNLESS NOTED
3. Leave feedback when transactions are completed & I will do the same.
4. No trades, please.
5. I know my photos suck but I can & will try to provide better details on anything if needed.

MPM-12 Optimus Prime:

Opened & displayed, complete & great shape. Box included. $100

Movie Advanced Optimus:

Takara-exclusive release, complete & great shape. $50

Selects Exhaust-

Complete, box included. $25

Hasbro Dino Megazord:

Transforms and combines, complete with all accessories. $40 for the toy; $20 for a special exclusive fancy picture of it.

Giant transforming Wing Gundam:

Great condition. $35
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