3d Printed Head Upgrade for G1 Blaster?

Alpha Omicron

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Does anyone do custom 3d printed Blaster heads as an upgrade for G1 Blaster? You know, to make G1 Blaster look more cartoon accurate, without replacing the whole bot and his entire army of cassettes? I like the look of the Mech Fans Toys Blaster/Emitter head, but it would need to be the right size and shape to fit onto G1 Blaster's body.

Blaster heads.jpg

It would be smart of someone with the means to do this. I'm sure there are plenty of TF Fans who would love to upgrade their G1 Blaster like this. The G1 head sculpt is what ruins him. A cartoon accurate head would make him look 10 times better. I would literally pay someone to do this and send me one, then that person could sell them to other people. I would advertise the finished product for them as well.

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