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    Action Figure identification help

    I found it! Unifighters by Galoob i n 1990. I have been trying to look these guys up for years.
  2. Z

    Action Figure identification help

    No, not centurians. These guys were Joe sized.
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    Action Figure identification help

    Back in the, want to say early 90's I had a set of action figures. They were basically a GIJoe rip-off, but they were slightly taller than Joes. They were military themed and came with a giant mechanical back-pack that would transform into a vehicle where the figure could slide in underneath...
  4. Z

    They Haven't Made a Toy of This Yet?

    Show accurate BestMachines Jetstorm.
  5. Z

    Transformers Legacy Line Revealed

    Dragstrip looks better than I expected. If they are doing Menasor, I hope they will also do the Aerialbots. I love my CW Superion and I will gladly take another if it looks as good as I think it will.
  6. Z

    Cool concepts and missed opportunities

    I like the flip out weapons from the Cybertron line, but I think Crosswise is one of the only few who did it right. The Prime cartoon did it. I think space robots who can transform their bodies shouldn’t need weapons they need to hold in their hands. IDW Skids did it right as well.
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    Studio Series 2022 First Look

    I don’t recognize any of these designs. What are they based on? I thought SS was supposed to be from something.
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    Post Pictures of Your Transformers!

    Too many chiefs, not enough Starscreams.
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    Epic Transformers Music, Starting with BEAST WARS!

    This is pretty epic. Industrial Rock tribute to the movie soundtrack.
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    Which 5 beast wars character do you think should get new toys?

    Transmetal Megatron Dinobot 2 Wolfang Tigerhawk Would like some new characters
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    Post Pictures of Your Transformers!

    I still love the Alternators. I feel that some of them still hold up, compared to modern standards, for not costing $100+.
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    Post Pictures of Your Transformers!

    I love this little guy. He needed some paint touch-ups and is so much better.
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    Food Thread - Post pictures of Food

    Found Chicken of the Woods mushroom, cut it up and fried it, it does actually taste like chicken.
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