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  1. Patch

    Nobody has the intention to invade Ukraine

    I think this is relevant:
  2. Patch

    P&R Funnies!

  3. Patch

    [IC] Mey Hem: Submitted For Your Disapproval (cont.)

    "Then it's time to bring this all to an end." She took a few steps forward, then turned to look back at the young girl. "You were right not to follow me. Don't follow me now either. Where I'm going, only tragedy should follow." With that, she headed back into the hallway.
  4. Patch

    House of M. Virion | It's NERF or another foam dart company

    Happy birthday! I hope you enjoy it! (I have one more birthday before I hit "the big one"... 😓)
  5. Patch

    Happy New Year

    Happy new year, everyone!
  6. Patch

    [IC] Mey Hem: Submitted For Your Disapproval (cont.)

    Patch released her grip on the woman, letting her drop to the floor once more. She took a few steps toward the hallway, seeming distracted. "So they're looking for me... how they arrived here, what they've done since, it is all irrelevant. That they're here at all tells me everything I need to...
  7. Patch

    The Biden-Harris Administration

    At first I thought this was doomsaying, but you might actually be onto something.
  8. Patch


  9. Patch

    The Biden-Harris Administration

    I feel like the thing that needs to be said here is: BBB, in its current form, was hot garbage. Partly, it's the fault of Manchin and other moderate Dems, who peeled away funding and forced the size of the package to shrink, meaning there was no feasible way to do everything on the agenda and...
  10. Patch

    The Biden-Harris Administration

    Well, there are also those rural states that elect Republicans...
  11. Patch


    Just some casual Anti-Semitism from the former head of state:
  12. Patch

    Campaign Texts Archive

    This seems familiar:
  13. Patch

    [IC] Mey Hem: Submitted For Your Disapproval (cont.)

    "What did you just say?!" Patch was suddenly gravely serious. "They've come here too?"
  14. Patch

    Mey Hem RPG: Sword & Sorcery After the End of the World!

    Mey Hem's own Beavis and Butt-Head, huh...
  15. Patch

    [IC] Mey Hem: Submitted For Your Disapproval (cont.)

    "So, you were here," Patch said as she turned her attention to Monday's appearance. "I'm afraid I don't have a rational answer to that question, as I've just undergone a bit of... mental reorganization. The part of me that came here with a purpose knew what I was doing. The part of me that's...
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