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  1. Transformers Legacy toyline

    I have the toy, but he's still in his box. But I second the desire for add-ons to make him look more like the original toy.
  2. Transformers Legacy toyline

    I can justify getting him.
  3. Shapeways files for bankruptcy

    Well I tried to file a claim tonight. Unfortunately, PayPal is refusing to accept the claim - apparently, me getting free shipping on this most recent order somehow has made things worse for their system. I will try calling them tomorrow. Hopefully, I will get through to an actual human being...
  4. Tell Your Tale Discussion Thread-Salute Our Shorts

    Well, Sprout's...special.
  5. Shapeways files for bankruptcy

    So, I placed an order with Shapeways back in June. As of my most recent attempt to check their website - an effort that is very difficult given that said website is refusing to work properly - they claim that the order is being packed. Trouble is, they've been claiming that for a while, and with...
  6. Watchmen: Chapter 1

    On the one hand, JMS worked on this. On the other hand, I have no interest in Watchmen period, so...yeah, no thanks.
  7. Shapeways files for bankruptcy

    Your Shapeways stuff was pretty good. I liked it.
  8. Transformers Legacy toyline

    I've been to one of those. It was epic.
  9. Gotta Catch 'Em All! - Pokémon Thread

    My first was Yellow on a Game Boy Color.
  10. The "What made you happy today" thread!

    I met a very friendly dog today while I was at work. His name was Bear. Bear is a good boy.
  11. Shapeways files for bankruptcy

    Well speaking as someone who still has yet to get a 3D printer for his very own (but probably will before too long)...I find this to be sad news.
  12. Transformers Legacy toyline

    I am neither here nor there with Bludgeon, but I like the look of Ruckus. Also, thank you for the warning about the Windsweeper/Breakdown set. Mine is apparently on the way, but it'll be forever before I can give the toys a proper inspection.
  13. Transformers Legacy toyline

    ...dang it, now I'm tempted to get this set just for the new weapons.
  14. Transformers Legacy toyline

    Speaking of Amazon, has anyone else gotten Chop Shop and Barrage?
  15. BotCon 2024: The 30th Wreckoning

    I'll be going. Got myself a shopping list, but I'm gonna keep it to myself, lest I jinx myself.
  16. New Target Collaborative

    Mine arrived in the mail on Sunday, and I amazingly saw one on the shelves when I visited a Target today. He's stuck in his box for the foreseeable future, unfortunately.
  17. Transformers Legacy toyline

    Maybe for Generations Selects, assuming that's still a thing.
  18. Transformers: EarthSpark

    That all does sound rather suspect.
  19. The Repaint Concept Thread

    True, but maybe they could've released it across three sets?

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