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  1. Confuzor

    Welcome to The Allspark!

    How many licks does it take to get thru the hide of the Allspark Welcome?
  2. Confuzor

    Thundercats - General Discussion (and some Silverhawks too, whynot)

    Got my Chilla the other day. She's not as great as Alluro, but still really fun (and her head is easily swappable, so theres that.) I wasn't expecting a Wired Cape tho!
  3. Confuzor

    IDW's Having Problems Again-Layoffs and New Bosses

    Well they just made a big thing about relaunching TMNT and it seems like #1 is pre-selling well.
  4. Confuzor

    Transformers Legacy toyline

    All this talk of Comic only characters with no toys and still no mention of Aileron.
  5. Confuzor

    Thundercats - General Discussion (and some Silverhawks too, whynot)

    Super7's latest Wave 11 preorder is out! We're getting Ro-Bear Bill, Luna &Amok ($85) Claudus and Royal Thundarian (link thumbnail displays wrong, but does...
  6. Confuzor

    Deadpool 3!!

    Im sorry, bro. I feel partially responsible for that purchase.
  7. Confuzor

    Ninja Turtles - Cowabunga!

    So theres not an option to just download pdfs or high quality images of the whole books? Like with previous TF comic bundles?
  8. Confuzor

    I'm Making a Mega Man Thread. My fate is sealed. I have... no choice.

    Sounds like a "name your price" situation to me.
  9. Confuzor

    G.I. Joe thread - 06/04/2024 G.I. Yo Joe June: Iron Grenadiers, Mad Marauders and more.

    Im really hoping the Cobra Ferret restocks.
  10. Confuzor

    Transformers: One - New Animated Prequel coming September 20th, 2024 - New Toy Official Images!

    Nice to see Sentinel Prime in Blue and Orange again!
  11. Confuzor

    Deadpool 3!!

    There was also this one. I dont think the claws stayed in tho, they just spring back out.
  12. Confuzor

    Everyone's a critic: Brought to you by viewers like YouTube

    I had to watch that over a few days but yeah. If I had shelled out that kind of money and wasnt experiencing things "properly" Id have been FURIOUS.
  13. Confuzor

    Ninja Turtles - Cowabunga!

    Yeah the books are really high quality! This is how I've been reading the series. Volume 16 comes out this July 30th Volume 1
  14. Confuzor

    Thundercats - General Discussion (and some Silverhawks too, whynot)

    Alluro arrived today. I absolutely love this! Aside from a neck that sounds like it won't let me swap heads, he overall feels like a much better put together than previous releases. His hair, gold belt and loincloth are all a really soft plastic that really allow for easy movement. I cant wait...
  15. Confuzor

    Ghostbusters General

    Hard disagree on Ray. The whole library sequence and everytime Podcast or Phoebe did anything clever he was beaming. The conversation he has with Winston about this being all hes ever wanted to do with his life was so touching to me. Both Ray and Winston need to stick around as long as theyre...
  16. Confuzor

    Hyrule Town Square

    Oddly enough, Im really digging the first Zelda in the bottom row.
  17. Confuzor

    Random Transformers Videos

    *immediately redownloads old game*
  18. Confuzor

    Takara announces T-Spark: a transforming IDW Rodimus and more

    Would it kill em to also do MTMTE Drift? That was such an upgrade for him and not even 3rd parties have tried.

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