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  1. The Repaint Concept Thread

    *instantly wishes he had an extra spinister*
  2. Generations Selects Appreciation Thread

    i'm looking forward to getting 2 of those steeljaws so i can finally make a sg version
  3. The Repaint Concept Thread

    we need pulse to start up universe again with figures like these
  4. The Repaint Concept Thread

    i had this saved for years. pretty much any time the club released stuff like this, i saved it for inspiration
  5. The Repaint Concept Thread

    I was looking through some of the old TFCC concept art when I came across their evil Polar Claw from Generations Kup where his vehicle mode would be based on the DHARMA Initiative van and got to thinking they could easily take Code Red and turn him into the DHARMA van with his arms and legs done...
  6. The Repaint Concept Thread

    i thought that was dinobot black shadow for a minute
  7. The Repaint Concept Thread

    pharma?! if i hadn't made him from tr triggerhappy, i'd use that bash for my own custom
  8. The Repaint Concept Thread

    Has anyone digibashed Tasmania kid as wolverine? Every time I look at his ears, I think about wolverines mask and might pick up an extra figure to make the custom
  9. TM Terrorsaur wings needed

    i'm finally finishing a tm fractyl custom i started with a junker tm terrorsaur over a decade ago, but i never had a set of his wings/blades and now really need them. they don't have to specifically be from tm terrorsaur and can be from any iteration of the figure since they'll be repainted. i...
  10. The Repaint Concept Thread

    honestly, i thought this was bm blastcharge with those colors
  11. Transformers Legacy toyline

    can't wait for these sets to go live. they look amazing
  12. Transformers Collaborative thread (Transformers X TMNT - Party Wallop)

    neither of these are mine, but i saved them with the intent of making my own.
  13. The Repaint Concept Thread

    surprised i hadn't heard of stage dive. now, i need a figure
  14. Rare, never-before-seen concept material from years past

    dragonfire was a way cooler name for jetstorm
  15. The Repaint Concept Thread

    i don't know why, but that sentinel prime's face is giving me robin williams vibes
  16. Your 5 Most-Wanted Gen Deluxe Characters

    i need the rid 2001 car brothers the most my absolute long shot, never gonna happens are leader class torca and idw fort max
  17. The Repaint Concept Thread

    i vaguely remember the bwII galvatron for deathsaurus idea
  18. Are there any Transformers that you started out not likeing but now glad you own?

    minicons and titan masters. i wasn't thrilled with either and ended up passing on most minicon sets in armada. spent a lot of money and time tracking them down years later. quickly changed my tune with titan masters and have made a number of customs with them now
  19. The Repaint Concept Thread

    i'm kinda wanting night shade done in the black tm2 prowl colors. also might grab an extra when the figure comes out and try doing night owl from watchmen
  20. The Repaint Concept Thread

    fever dream would've been a better sg version. what could have been

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