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  1. Shockwave 75

    Takara Missing Link G1 Series

    Yeah, I splurged on the trailer-less Optimus at a toy show a while back, but Bee and Cliff are over $50 each here in Canada. No thanks! I'd have been all in at $30, MAYBE even $40, but between $53-$56 each, depending on the retailer, I'm out.
  2. Shockwave 75

    Galactus vs Unicron (Deathbattle)

    I love how they build Unicron up as basically being unbeatable; carrying on about how he's the "embodiment of evil", that "as long as evil exists, Unicron will exist." Saying "He was there at the beginning of the universe, and he'll be there at the end!" And then have Galactus beat him. They...
  3. Shockwave 75

    He-Man, and also the Masters of the Universe

    Got the new Snake Mountain yesterday, and it's awesome!
  4. Shockwave 75

    Transformers Collaborative thread (Transformers X TMNT - Party Wallop)

    I got the other two, and I've been looking forward to this one. I had the Thunder Machine when I was a kid, and I absolutely loved it. I bought the Toyhax upgrade stickers for Megatron, and they make him look so much nicer. I'll bet they'll have something great for this guy too.
  5. Shockwave 75

    Transformers X G.I. Joe Bumblebee & Megatron

    So having had these two figures for a bit, I have to say that, over all, I like them, and I hope they do more. They do have flaws, mostly owing to having to be compatible with the Joe & Cobra figures. Which will present problems for any future figures since so many of those vehicles are pretty...
  6. Shockwave 75

    Looking for the Shout factory Japanese TF dvds

    I'm looking on behalf of a friend, he's got the bootlegs with the terrible dubs, but he'd like something good. He'd prefer the box set of all three, but I think in a pinch he'd take all three loose. Thanks!👍
  7. Shockwave 75

    Transformers: One - New Animated Prequel coming September 20th, 2024 - New Toy Official Images!

    Am I the only one tired of celebrity stunt casting in these movies? I mean, these people are almost never as good as ACTUAL voice actors. I just saw an interview with Sam Witwer (the voice of Darth Maul in Star Wars Clone Wars & Rebels), where he admits that voice acting was way harder than he...
  8. Shockwave 75

    Buzzworthy Bumblebee - the "everything goes" toyline

    I found one at TRU here in Canada the other day. He's really cool! And he looks great alongside Origin Bumblebee.
  9. Shockwave 75

    Transformers: EarthSpark

    Watched the first two episodes with my son last night, and he enjoyed it over all. He said that he wished that Optimus and Megatron had "deeper voices", and "Why is Bumblebee a sports car?"
  10. Shockwave 75

    Transformers: EarthSpark

    Watched all 10 episodes and my only note is that I wish Megatron was a little more aggressive. I have no problem with him being friendly or an "Autobot" (IDW Autobot Megatron was my favorite part of those comics), he just sounds too....happy. Keep his characterization, but give him a more...
  11. Shockwave 75

    HasLab Deathsaurus

    Why? It seems that everyone is fine with it right now as long as you slap "Haslab" in front of it.
  12. Shockwave 75

    HasLab Deathsaurus

    Where do you shop/live?! Last I checked, Legacy Dragon Megs is a leader class toy, as was TR Overlord, that makes him over $80 around here, not $30! FFS, a deluxe class figure costs me over $40!! When I bought Commander class Jetfire it cost me around $140 before shipping, and it was worth that...
  13. Shockwave 75

    HasLab Deathsaurus

    Yeah, There's no such thing as "too obscure" anymore, especially if we're getting DINOKING!!! Haslab should only be reserved for the projects that couldn't possibly exist at retail, like Unicron. I'll agree that no store on Earth would've carried that thing, not with a box the size of a washing...
  14. Shockwave 75

    HasLab Deathsaurus

    That's not what they said on the last investor's call. They linked their drop in profits right to their price hikes and customers being "more fiscally concsious" right now.
  15. Shockwave 75

    HasLab Deathsaurus

    See, now with Hasbro confirming that Deathsaurus was going to be a retail item, I don't think the size had anything to do with it. Hasbro's profits are down, they need to make up some money. They probably had a meeting and brainstormed a way to add things to this figure to make it fit their...
  16. Shockwave 75

    HasLab Deathsaurus

    Sorry guys, but this is just another example of how Hasbro is ripping us off. Their profits are down due to their raising prices 3 times in the last 2 years (confirmed by the last investors call), so they are trying to re-coup their losses by passing the buck to us. You realize that this figure...
  17. Shockwave 75

    Thundercats - General Discussion (and some Silverhawks too, whynot)

    Thanks! If there are any, it's because they didn't make them. Like I said, I only really would like to get a Thundertank. The only remaining figures are the Stinger (who was never in the show), the Astral Moat Monster and Tongueasaurus who were both only in one episode each for about 5 seconds...
  18. Shockwave 75

    Thundercats - General Discussion (and some Silverhawks too, whynot)

    My collection pics. All the ThunderCats and their allies are complete. Still waiting on Captain Cracker's sword, but otherwise all the adversaries are complete too. AFAIC, I'm done with these guys, I don't really care about the vehicles except maybe the Thundertank, or the Stinger who was never...
  19. Shockwave 75

    Thundercats - General Discussion (and some Silverhawks too, whynot)

    Yeah, I don't remember seeing all the episodes when I was a kid either. I remember the "ThunderCats Ho! The Movie" that intoduced the 3 new ThunderCats, and I remember the Lunataks, but that's it. I feel like the local Fox affliiate just stopped carrying the show around then. It wasn't until the...
  20. Shockwave 75

    (Potentially) Stolen Transformers (& the YouTubers that Review Them)

    Only what he says/shows on his podcast. He actually has the NDA's to prove when he's been given privileged access to information or product ahead of time and can't talk about them. He has a YouTube show with Aaron Archer, formerly of Kenner/Hasbro, and many other current Hasbro employees...

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