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  1. Noip

    Random Thoughts From Out of Nowhere

    I'm very sorry for your loss.
  2. Noip

    Transformers: One - New Animated Prequel coming September 20th, 2024 - New Toy Official Images!

    If you squint at that it looks like Energon MegaGalvatron.
  3. Noip

    Transformers Legacy toyline

    Maybe you can trademark Van Guard but not Vanguard? I make no claims one way or the other, but vanguard is a real word.
  4. Noip

    Studio Series 86 Appreciation Thread

    Got mine from Entertainment Earth yesterday.
  5. Noip

    Now this is how you spend a warm spring afternoon!

    I'm in Southern Illinois and it was fantastic. In 2017a big gray cloud covered the whole thing. This time I got the full experience.
  6. Noip

    The Caffeinated Equine Thread

    Small tremors? House settling? Some creepy person living in your cabinets who comes out after you sleep to eat your food?
  7. Noip

    Random Thoughts From Out of Nowhere

    You may (or he may) have to push the issue. Make sure you let them know that someone is actively invested in his care plan and isn't going to put up with any half-assedness on their part.
  8. Noip

    BotCon 2024: The 30th Wreckoning

    It's a possibility. My son wants to go and it's not that far from here.
  9. Noip

    Random Thoughts From Out of Nowhere

    That's why I'm not crazy about the idea of self driving cars and appliances hooked to the internet. Some things just don't need to be connected.
  10. Noip

    This has been my refuse from the world since the begining. man I hate makeing thses types of post..

    Very sorry for your loss. I wish I had more words of comfort.
  11. Noip

    ASOIAF: Winds of Winter is still only 75% complete after 12 years...

    Intends to? Probably. Really cares all that much? Doesn't seem to honestly. Probably a case of "if I get around to it".
  12. Noip

    Random Thoughts From Out of Nowhere

    The car-dinals might have some valuable input on the matter.
  13. Noip

    31 Days of Halloween (2022)

    He's very territorial. Just being in the vicinity of Crystal Lake for too long puts you on his radar; having premarital sex just kinda bumps you to the head of the line.
  14. Noip

    Who's gun is this?

    Technically speaking, yes. :)
  15. Noip

    Who's gun is this?

    Velocitron Blurr for the win. Thanks guys.
  16. Noip

    Who's gun is this?

    I found this while doing some cleaning and can't figure who it goes with. All I know is fairly recent, i.e. last year or two. Any ideas?
  17. Noip

    Police Academy Graduation

    Congratulations and best of luck.
  18. Noip

    Mental Health and Suicide

    Deepest sympathies. I went through that in 2019. I'm very sorry you had to go through it now.
  19. Noip

    Why did Elrond put Bilbo up?

    He wasn't from the direct line of the kings of Gondor, but he was from the direct line of the kings of Arnor. Since, as you say, there was no heir to the throne in Gondor, and further since one of Aragorn's king-anestors married the daughter of one of the earlier Gondorian kings, and lastly...
  20. Noip

    Why did Elrond put Bilbo up?

    It was around 16-17 years between when Bilbo left after the party and when Frodo met him again in Rivendell. (Yes, it was unexpected, although I have a hard time believing Gandalf did not know Bilbo was there. He just kept that little tidbit to himself because he did stuff like that.) According...

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