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  1. SHIELD Agent 47

    Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes

    The next entry in the 2011-ongoing Planet of the Apes movies will arrive Friday 10 May 2024.
  2. SHIELD Agent 47

    Deadpool 3!!

    Deadpool & Wolverine is currently scheduled for release Friday 26 July 2024.
  3. SHIELD Agent 47

    Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
  4. SHIELD Agent 47

    Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

    I still cannot figure out what the proof is that UNRWA workers committed October 7 attacks. If it actually happened, then Israel is guilty of not vetting their own security when they always demand migration rosters in and out of Gaza, which would not surprise me given Netanyahu's long-running...
  5. SHIELD Agent 47

    DC original animated movies

    The Tomorrowverse is getting a three-part adaptation of Crisis on Infinite Earths.
  6. SHIELD Agent 47

    Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

    Jewish settlers in the West Bank are murdering and terrorizing Palestinians as usual.
  7. SHIELD Agent 47

    A trip down memory lane TF websites from the past I was recently revisiting Dave Edward / Zobovor's site full of OC profiles he made based on miscolouring errors from the Sunbow cartoon, plus a few from the Marvel comic.
  8. SHIELD Agent 47

    Old TFCC Mini-Con bios from Fun Publications

    Oh, and I also found out MCRG (Allspark user Spark?), who did the Beacon-cum-Snowblind headshot, posted five other unused artworks to DeviantArt.
  9. SHIELD Agent 47

    Old TFCC Mini-Con bios from Fun Publications About 15 years ago, the Transformers Collectors' Club by Fun Publications did a thing where they gave short profiles, headshot artwork, and sometimes localised names for many Mini-Con toys which lacked any...
  10. SHIELD Agent 47

    Energon Universe - ongoing Transformers and G.I. Joe comics from Skybound

    Gee, Rich Johnston loves to crow about breaking scoops at the unbelievable rumour stage, doesn't he?
  11. SHIELD Agent 47

    Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

    The trailer is finally here!
  12. SHIELD Agent 47

    James Roberts planning 40th anniversary book on pre-Internet Transformers fandom and zines

    As you may know, James Roberts, the renowned writer of The Transformers: More than Meets the Eye at IDW Publishing in the 2010s, is a graduate of the fanfiction group Transmasters UK (TMUK), from which fellows such as Nick Roche and Jack Lawrence also got creative experiences in their younger...
  13. SHIELD Agent 47

    The Ties That Bind: Connecting Non-G1 Stuff to G1

    Interestingly, just weeks ago, Star Trek used a comparable storytelling maneuver vis-à-vis the Eugenics Wars. Their justification for showing a 1996 to 2024 in VOY, ENT, PIC, and SNW that looks almost identical to real-life is because the Temporal (Cold) War caused relatively-minor adjustments...
  14. SHIELD Agent 47

    The Marvels

    The Marvels arrives in theaters 10 November 2023.
  15. SHIELD Agent 47

    Do you remember love? - The Macross Thread

    Trailer for Macross: Shooting Insight:
  16. SHIELD Agent 47

    Loki - streaming on Disney+

    We left off with season 1 way back on 14 July 2021. Now the trailer has finally arrived for season 2, which will begin streaming 6 October 2023.
  17. SHIELD Agent 47

    Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

    The crossover is almost here!
  18. SHIELD Agent 47

    Request to merge duplicate threads

    Oops. Can I have this thread deleted or merged?
  19. SHIELD Agent 47

    Invincible Season 2 teaser (feat. Peter Cullen)

    We left off with season 1 way back on 29 April 2021. Finally, the teaser trailer for season 2 has arrived in anticipation of the premiere scheduled for 3 November 2023.
  20. SHIELD Agent 47

    Star Trek Lower Decks

    The one we have been waiting for is almost here!

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