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  1. Xellos

    Transformers Legacy toyline

    Thanks for the Amazon links. Just saw these and realized I missed Hasbro Pulse, so thanks for the save.
  2. Xellos

    Transformers: Rise of the Beasts

    I think the one takeaway I have seen from what we have seen so far is that the "mainline" figures, while being different, seem to be of the same toy quality as SS and Generations. I don't think I have seen this since Prime. RiD2, Cyberverse, and even Earthspark "deluxe" figures, while still...
  3. Xellos

    Question about Cog and moldmates' guns

    Also, one thing to be careful when buying Red Cog, check that the bottom of the package has not been opened. I bought one yesterday only to find that the bottom had already been opened and there were no weapons at all. I returned it, but found that all the others had been opened, too (the toy...
  4. Xellos

    Transformers Legacy toyline

    So all the Velocitron stuff is up at Hasbro Pulse as well. Scourge was sold out already at Walmart, but everything was up as of a few mins ago at Pulse.
  5. Xellos

    Any point in keeping packaging?

    I am torn on the issue as well. Currently, I only keep the MP, foreign, and some special packaging, but am considering even getting rid of the MP boxes. I keep all my figuarts, figma, nendoroid boxes and the like, as they display well both in and out of them, but I am trying to cut back on...
  6. Xellos

    G.I. Joe thread - 02/01 G.I. Joe Day Reveals: Doc, Torch and more

    That's for the heads up. He is actually the only figure I was never able to get. (Aside from the rerun of wave 1 with slight repaints... couldn't convince myself to get those).
  7. Xellos

    In less than an hour…

    Watched ID4 on the 2nd, and Resurgence today (as per my "must watch them between the 2nd and 4th every year"). Watched Resurgence with director commentary on this time. Quite interesting, especially with his reasoning for using so much CG and blue screen filming.
  8. Xellos

    Do you remember love? - The Macross Thread

    Damn, I hope they bring out a dub for them. I wonder about Macross 7 though. While I would rather marathon Gundam Wing than watch that show again, I would likely give a dub a chance at least.
  9. Xellos

    Transformers Collaborative thread (Transformers X TMNT - Party Wallop)

    Well, I looked at the back of the packages at Target today, and they have a licensed by Hasbro label on them, so they might be like how Tonka is sometimes used by other companies, or other companies make Transformers stuff, like Super 7. Also, there are the official Transformers Micro...
  10. Xellos

    Obi-Wan Kenobi - streaming on Disney+

    Well, technically...
  11. Xellos


    He did ask for fans to be supportive to those who may replace him, which makes sense, as the shows must go on. It also a tactful way to de-escalate the "fans" who want to argue on replacements.
  12. Xellos

    Buzzworthy Bumblebee - the "everything goes" toyline

    Looks like Grimlock went to the beach and is just in his swimsuit...
  13. Xellos


    I always find it interesting reading people's impressions of anime at the beginning of new seasons, as I read a TON of manga, so I am usually well versed in certain ones (Spy x Family and Skelliton Knight for example). Every now and then there is an anime that comes from a manga I dropped...
  14. Xellos

    Spider-Man: No Way Home

    Reminds me of Weird Al's "Ode to a Superhero" parody of "Piano Man", with the lyrics: "Yes, he's wearin' that dumb Power Rangers mask But he's scarier without it on" Still rings true 20 years later.
  15. Xellos

    Diaclone Reboot

    While this line is freakin amazing, I had planned to jump off of it after I got the Convoy, due to the expense, and the fact that I need the display room for other things... I collect lots of figmas, Nendoroids, Figuarts, etc, so I have expensive tastes aside from Transformers... And then I...
  16. Xellos

    Transformers Legacy toyline

    So I picked up Legacy Laser Optimus Prime and Galvatron today... Optimus is quite awesome and has a surprisingly involved transformation. His head was a bit tight to turn, but nothing a little shock oil couldn't smooth out. My only real "issue" with the mold itself is the same I have with the...
  17. Xellos


    Well, technically Gundam 00 does split for season one and season two for the two halves (which I really like how Gundam will adjust their series as things go on. Second half of SEED Destiny is so much better than the first for kicking the annoying Shinn to the curb). I am trying to remember of...
  18. Xellos


    Yeah, I think the idea of having "part 1, part 2, etc" of a season is pretty bad sounding especially when there is a season or more of anime they are skipping in between.
  19. Xellos

    Final Fantasy

    FF7R should have a free upgrade to PS5 if you have it on PS4. If it is the disk, I believe you put it in, then go to the store page, hit the dots on the side for more info, and there should be an option for downloading the PS5 version (something like that at least). The digital version, I...

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