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  1. HailKingCrimson

    86 Cliffjumper is looking amazing!

    I personally understand the complaints about this new deco for ER cliff and understand how some may dislike it because "G1 is overrated" and well it is but I'm a G1 fan and I'm eating this new deco up to bit's! I can't wait to display him in my 1984 shelve that I'll probably post on here at a...
  2. HailKingCrimson

    Introduce Yourself

    Names you go by: Crimson/Crim/HailKingCrimson Pronouns: He/Him Location: Picken's SC What got you into Transformers: Everything to do with Galvatron Other Hobbies beisdes collecting: photography, board games, Video games Do you have any social media profiles you want to promote: All of my...
  3. HailKingCrimson

    Golden Disk Podcast

    On my Twitter at 12:00pm EST i will be officially announcing this Podcast with banner included and will be further more promoting this forum for update's. We're still thinking about making a Twitter account (Undecided) that we will share joint ownership of that will give more accessability to...

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