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  1. Shattered Glass Thread

    Will you please say why?
  2. Shattered Glass Thread

    What do you all think are the chances of Hasbro using the Humble origins Orion Pax to make a new SG Nova Prime at some point?
  3. Transformers: Rise of the Beasts

    Could Scourge be the Optimus Prime from the other film series or another alternate Optimus Prime?
  4. G1 Galvatron discussion

    Why would Galvatron keep that name after being enslaved by Unicorn? What would the reasoning in his head be ? In Stargate SG1 season 3 the villain Apophis resumes his name and disregard the name he was given.
  5. Does anyone have any idea of when it is most likely we will find out who the new Transformers comic publisher and why it has not happened yet?

    Does anyone here think we could get a multiverse crossover on the 40th anniversary based on the Legacy line ? Maybe Hasbro decided to wait until then and was why it did not happen with IDW.
  6. Transformers Arch foe's discussion

    I ment which character does the Fandom recognise as Galvatron Arch rival?
  7. Transformers Arch foe's discussion

    But who in the fandom is recognised as the most as Galvatron Arch rival ? (Other than him)
  8. Transformers Arch foe's discussion

    With this Thread we can post about Arch foes in the Transformers franchise. Let's start with Galvatron: who does people recognize as his Arch foe the most (other than himself) ?
  9. Rewriting Transformers Energon

    Why not Optimus Prime and Galvatron?
  10. G1 Transformers Size, Power, and Mass

    Who does people recognised as Galvatron G1 Arch foe? (Other than himself)
  11. Rewriting Transformers Energon

    What marketing would that be?
  12. Shattered Glass Thread

    What do you mean by Cyclonimus ?
  13. Rewriting Transformers Energon

    Why did the "Unicorn trilogy" have Megatron becoming Galvatron and back to Megatron in the next series and Galvatron again later?
  14. Transformers Legacy toyline

    Is he popular in the west?
  15. Rewriting Transformers Energon

    Is there any chance that with the Transformers Engeron anniversary and the 40th anniversary of The Transformers Franchise Next year that The Transformers Engeron Dreamewave comic story could be finished with the new Publisher? Simon Furman had a multiverse IDW story in mind that may have been...
  16. Transformers Legacy toyline

    How come Lio from Japan is in the Legacy line?
  17. Why was there a lack of fanfare for the 20th anniversary of a Beast Wars and could have this have caused Primal to win the prime fan vote?

    The script for Shell Game issue 1 may have had Megatron make a hole in the Bulkhead by breathing fire. Could have they still have been able to use the shuttle to get to cybetron ?
  18. Transformers: Rise of the Beasts

    Have the test screening had positive feedback and reviews ?

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