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  1. Ashley

    Beast Wars and Reboot Production Tapes

    Just an FYI, ends later today.
  2. Ashley

    Beast Wars and Reboot Production Tapes

    See here for info:
  3. Ashley

    Mysterious Video Tapes

    So, I have a box of video tapes I got from a relative. I think they may be broadcast tapes. Can anyone confirm what they are?
  4. Ashley

    IDW Collection Hardcovers

  5. Ashley

    IDW Collection Hardcovers

    So, I've been collecting the IDW Collection hardcovers of the original run of IDW's Transformers and it's looking like they won't manage to finish the series before they lose the license. Does anyone know what paperback collections I should get to finish the run?
  6. Ashley

    Robosen: G1 Grimlock Coming Late Fall 2023

    I bought their Optimus, but I don't think I want to double the price just to get a trailer.
  7. Ashley

    LGBTQ+ Transformers fan thread

    Guess who's back? You may remember me as Waspinator on the old board.

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