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  1. PiratedTVPro

    The Nintendo Thread of Jumping, Slashing, and Home Decorating

    Absolutely loving Tears of the Kingdom. More than 100 hours in and I'm less and 3/4 of the way through the story. I've been steering clear of all spoilers and guides. Best move I possibly could have made. The height and puzzles of the sky islands are amazing, and the entire part of the game that...
  2. PiratedTVPro

    Fort Waterdale

    I'm just a couple of hours north of you and we haven't gotten all that much. About 15 years ago we were stuck in our house for 3 days due to a Tropical Storm sitting on top of us for a while. Wish you and your neighbors the best of luck.
  3. PiratedTVPro

    Marvel Cinematic Universe - General Thread

    According to NATO (National Association of Theater Owners) accepted studio guidelines for trailers a 'teaser' should be no more than 2m00s long and a 'full trailer' shouldn't be longer than 2m30s. In actual application, they really fall wherever they want but somewhere around these standards...
  4. PiratedTVPro

    Marvel Cinematic Universe - General Thread

    I'm ready for the next episode of my MCU serial.
  5. PiratedTVPro

    Ted Lasso

    Haven't started Season 3 yet, mostly because the brilliant Shrinking was scratching my Lasso itch so well, without any of the anxiety-triggering anxiety on screen.
  6. PiratedTVPro

    The Mandalorian - streaming on Disney+

    Seems like other 'species' in Star Wars it depends on their circumstances and the amount of freedom afforded to them by their programming. Bad Batch's Gonky vs other Gonk Droids. RD-2D vs C1-10P.
  7. PiratedTVPro

    The Mandalorian - streaming on Disney+

    Lots of wide shots meant that it was probably shot a little more rushed than normal. Seemed a bit tacked on to the end of the episode Bryce usually frames up things amazingly in the show.
  8. PiratedTVPro

    The Mandalorian - streaming on Disney+

    Oh, I have a feeling people are going to be pissed about this episode. I feel like if people remember what the animated Clone Wars episodes were like - and how celebrated they are - it might leave them with a better taste in their mouths.
  9. PiratedTVPro

    Blue Beetle due August 2023

    This looks like a movie from people who think that Cobra Kai is the pinnacle of the Streaming Age.
  10. PiratedTVPro

    Shazam! Fury of the Gods

    Looks like the opening weekend box office put the final nail in the coffin for this franchise. Director is saying as much. It's a shame since Sandberg was doing some of the best directing in DCEU and was actually trying to make a shared universe work. Maybe next time they'll put Shazam and...
  11. PiratedTVPro

    The Mandalorian - streaming on Disney+

    It's not the first episode that Carl Weathers directed. He directed The Siege in 2020, which was another action-heavy episode. Ahmed Best is playing Jedi Master Kelleran Beq. Seems he's now a canon version of his character from the non-canon Jedi Temple Challenge show. In the show he had a...
  12. PiratedTVPro

    Andor - streaming on Disney+

    I love the fact that you're watching Star Wars at 720 x 480 while the rest of the world is out here 3,840 x 2,160.
  13. PiratedTVPro

    Andor - streaming on Disney+

    I don't believe that exactly has been explicitly stated anywhere, but it has been stated that the end of Andor is going to "handoff" to the beginning of Rogue One.
  14. PiratedTVPro

    Lego and other brick toys

    Loved the Ice Planet stuff, would have been 1993-ish? Those skis, chainsaw pieces, and visors with little targeting computers were amazing. That's pretty much where my childhood collecting started to end. I went hard into M-Tron before that after my brother had done the same with the original...
  15. PiratedTVPro

    Fast X

    Once Justin Lin started treating the action sequences like a 7-year-old playing with Hot Wheels in Fast & Furious, and then went all in with the Rock in Fast Five the franchise launched into the stratosphere. It's a completely different, almost Superhero, franchise at this point.
  16. PiratedTVPro

    Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantamania

    Yes, and it's the most interesting thing in the whole film. Oops. <j/k> But yes, there is one.
  17. PiratedTVPro

    Ezra Miller is somehow The Flash in the DCEU

    The Flash will be where we see exactly how much damage Warner Bros has done to the DC brand, and if their DCU even has a chance upon arrival.
  18. PiratedTVPro

    Lego and other brick toys

    Drove six hours round trip Sunday, but got the Palace Cinema, Pet Shop, Detective’s Office and Brick Bank modulars for a ridiculously low cost. I’ve started placing BrickOwl orders for some pieces missing in the sets.
  19. PiratedTVPro

    The DC...Extended Universe or Films or Whatever

    I'll believe it when I see 'em.

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