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  1. X-Men '97 - continuation of 1992 Animated Series

    In 2012 The Sign was prominently featured multiple times and with plot relevance in Pitch Perfect.
  2. Star Trek Lower Decks

  3. Star Trek General Discussion: Strange New Worlds new season is filming!

    Renewed through at least season 4.
  4. X-Men '97 - continuation of 1992 Animated Series

    Confidently incorrect. He's been shown to use a teleporter exactly like this. 3 times in one episode even. 2x8 Time Fugitives Part 2. Body Slide by one to intercept Bishop, Body Slide to HQ, Body Slide by two with Wolverine. And as he's dragged away this episode, Body Slide one. BODY slide. Not...
  5. X-Men '97 - continuation of 1992 Animated Series

    There was no time travel. That was teleportation.
  6. Sony's Spider-Man Universe

    Whether it was said or not, it has to be. Peter's a fetus in 2003 in this movie. Even Holland's Parker is too old for that.
  7. Timey Wimey Business- a thread for Doctor Who

    Are you seriously posting a Clownfish video as anything other than a piece of shit to be mocked? Gonna do a Sunstorm and give us some Alex Jones next?
  8. Timey Wimey Business- a thread for Doctor Who

    Retreading old have your cake and eat it asspulls with slight variation might be
  9. Scott Pilgrim Anime

    All the bitching about Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Screentime is totally worth it for Ramona Flowers actually getting to be a character instead of a Manic Pixie Dream Girl
  10. Sony's Spider-Man Universe

    Peter's in the trailer. So are Ben and Mary.
  11. Star Trek Lower Decks

    It's only been 3 ******* episodes since the crux of negotiations with Ferenginar was Freeman tricking Rom into having to recruit Qo'noS to the Federation. Come on.
  12. Hasbro PulseCon 2023, Hosted by Dan Larson & Thew Adams

    He's a Titan. Confirmed by Jtprime17 who's been extremely accurate and reliable with leak info.
  13. Hasbro PulseCon 2023, Hosted by Dan Larson & Thew Adams

    They all but showed the Commander and Titan anyway. Magmatron and Tidal Wave. They were pipeline reveals without being pipeline reveals.
  14. Ahsoka - streaming on Disney+

    Hayden's a much better actor when he's trying to do Matt Lanter and coming out Austin Butler
  15. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

    The dishonor was because they were singing the K-pop and not singing some badass Klingon opera that the audience would expect and have been fine with. Part of the whole joke is the audience with its knowledge wondering why Klingons would feel dishonored by singing when we know Klingons love to...
  16. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

    That was everything I wanted it to be. I even got singing Wynonna Earp. And the Klingon captain was Hemmer which makes it better. TIL Uhura is Lachanze's daughter so no wonder she's one of the less auto tuned
  17. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

    It's less about cool and more about visceral. Disco tried to do that a little bit with Detmer, but on a one-to-one helmsman comparison SNW's treatment of Ortegas just does it a lot more effectively.
  18. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

    As someone who actually liked the first season of Disco, SNW has done 10x the job of actually making the Klingon War A Thing and I appreciate it. Haven't felt conflict like this since The Siege of AR-558. But JFC this season is going to be a weird binge with the super heavy PTSD war drama...
  19. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

    Opposite here. I don't live in NYC, but seeing anywhere less than 6 shows a year is almost unthinkable to me. Last couple seasons have been fairly shit though. The Bitter Suite did it just as well and did it first. It needs more respect. We don't talk about Lyre, Lyre
  20. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

    Holy shit, a musical episode with 10 original songs and music by Letters to Cleo

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