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  1. Stepwise

    The Repaint Concept Thread

    This Bugbite reminds me of Drift, at least a little bit.
  2. Stepwise

    Customs Electrum repainted Jada Nano Metalfigs

    That's cool. And the feet probably aren't as wobbly as my original one is now.
  3. Stepwise

    Mystery New Optimus?

    (checks date) Hmmmm... I still remember when my wife walked in the door and handed me a 20th anniversary Optimus Prime - she saved up for it and hid it in the trunk of her car so I wouldn't find it. Funny how it had a very similar 20th anniversary logo.
  4. Stepwise

    We live in a capitalist dystopia

    I live in the northwest - I try to be a little careful about giving away my hometown, but we have Albertsons and Fred Meyer (owned by Kroger). We have multiple Albertsons, and they have limited selection and high prices. The grocery side of Fred Meyer has the same problem. The clothes are more...
  5. Stepwise

    Post Pictures of your Transformers with Backdrops!

    Oh yeah, I had one of those when I was growing up. ( . . . totally kidding . . . )
  6. Stepwise

    TFcon Los Angeles 2024: March 8–10 - Transformers Generation 1 Reunion

    Huh. I had no idea that Marty Isenberg was part of both Beast Machines and Animated. Such a different feel between the two series.
  7. Stepwise

    He-Man, and also the Masters of the Universe

    Wait, we're supposed to what now?
  8. Stepwise

    Dynamite Entertainment to produce Transformers G1 trading card set

    I'm the guy who wouldn't trade, I'd tack them up like mini posters.
  9. Stepwise

    40th Anniversary Haslab: RID2001 Omega Prime

    45% funded already - that's pretty cool. Also - in either a weird coincidence or just more proof that Microsoft, Google, and everyone else is always watching, the "completely random" wallpaper that just showed up in my desktop slideshow is one I probably saved from years ago . . .
  10. Stepwise

    40th Anniversary Haslab: RID2001 Omega Prime

    Yeah, and people won't have to send this one back.
  11. Stepwise

    Lego and other brick toys

    Saw this a while ago in an article about yellow skin tones vs. natural skin tones. Technically, they're right . . .
  12. Stepwise

    Top reasons why you know your obsessed with Transformers (40th)

    I remember those lists! I think I have some of them printed off in a notebook down in my study.
  13. Stepwise

    Post Pictures of your Transformers with Backdrops!

    Got it. So you're taking credit for all the snow over the last couple days?
  14. Stepwise

    Happy 40th Annaversary Transformers!

    That's funny. Just like the real thing.
  15. Stepwise

    New Year's 2024

    Nothing exciting here. It's the last day of Christmas break, so I spent the day catching up on all the homework that I should've gotten done sooner.
  16. Stepwise

    Post Pictures of your Transformers with Backdrops!

    Psycho! I still have mine from when I was a kid. Doesn't stand up well, but looks cool on the shelf in his sci-fi car mode.
  17. Stepwise

    2023 Celebrity Death Thread

    That's too bad. I grew up listening to my mom's Smothers Brothers records. My sister and I still give each other crap about "Mom always liked you best!" or "All I had was a pet chicken," and it's normal for us to start singing "I fell into a vat of chocolate."
  18. Stepwise

    Diaclone Reboot

    Do you have him posing in front of a STARS base?

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