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  1. RCX

    40th Anniversary Haslab: RID2001 Omega Prime

    I think they took it down because the initial promo showed an 11AM eastern time but it's actually 10AM. Come on CYBERTRON!
  2. RCX

    Transformers Legacy toyline

    Missing Link OPs on BBTS.
  3. RCX

    Transformers Legacy toyline

    Can anyone make out the tiny bots from the box art? Always a good indicator of future product.
  4. RCX

    RIP Pauline Newstone, voice of Beast Wars Airazor

    When a spark is extinguished, the universe weeps.
  5. RCX

    HasLab Deathsaurus

    Mine has been "processing" for awhile. US-based.
  6. RCX

    "FIVE FACES OF DARKNESS" the Ted Schwartz version discovered.

    Sounds look Berger also re-recorded his "laugh" in the final spying scene as well to be more reserved. Anyone else hear any other changes?
  7. RCX

    Transformers Legacy toyline

    The model isn't as bad as that screengrab shows - that is an HD upscale. He is less puffy and more angular in SD.
  8. RCX

    Transformers: Rise of the Beasts

    That's the best price I've seen for this toy, 20 bucks over retail and free shipping. Interesting thing is that it is sold and fulfilled via with that inflated price. This is a first...since when is Walmart themselves in the business of gouging?!? Voyager OP is that price now as well.
  9. RCX

    Transformers Legacy toyline

    Yes, same with me for Nacelle on PULSE. I'm betting this has to do with the NOT-mold situation. Luckily he's available on Amazon EZPZ.
  10. RCX

    Hasbro PulseCon 2023, Hosted by Dan Larson & Thew Adams

    I really want the HasLab to be Cybertron/Primus. What better 40th anniversary gift could there be than going back and giving us the actual minute-one origin of Transformers in massive toy form?
  11. RCX

    Takara Missing Link G1 Series

    PULSE pulled down the anime version because it was listed with the same price as the full-trailered version. It's now back up and available to pre-order at the correct 69.99 price.
  12. RCX

    Takara Missing Link G1 Series

    For people like me who like to display the full truck mode AND robot mode together, these releases fit the bill.
  13. RCX

    Takara Missing Link G1 Series

    Ironhide and Ratchet seem like obvious early candidates, however the amount of engineering work that would need to go into those would be far greater than Optimus. We should official reveals on 8/9. Pricing on these Optimi show around 120 for the toy version with trailer and 75 for toon without.
  14. RCX

    Transformers Legacy toyline

    Bombshell's colors are terrible. There's just something so meh about that shade of purple. The sprue plastic layout is so unfortunate with the waist. We need a grey-chested version, bug-mode be damned. Decent job reusing Shrapnel's pants.
  15. RCX

    Does anyone have any idea of when it is most likely we will find out who the new Transformers comic publisher and why it has not happened yet?

    I'm just gonna leave this right here...
  16. RCX

    Studio Series discussion

    FYI - gamer OP hit my BBTS pile of loot yesterday, about 3 months early.
  17. RCX

    Takara Tomy Premium Finish series

    Scorponok's var mode colors are whack. I'll stick with the Kingdom version...mine is in Scorpion mode in my display anyway.

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