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  1. LGBTQ+ Transformers fan thread

    Hello again. I intend to quit the Allspark because I quit any forum if I feel at all unwelcome. Understand it's to protect my mind from excess stress. I have major anxiety issues that stem back to trauma I received long ago that I never got over. I have to make my own safe spaces instead of...
  2. We need to take care of ourselves. To avoid what is making us unhealthy. I became obsessed with...

    We need to take care of ourselves. To avoid what is making us unhealthy. I became obsessed with the idea of fitting in and let myself become vulnerable. And now I need to fix that. So I bid you all goodbye. Thank you to everyone who showed me kindness if they meant it. And the rest is silence. 🥀
  3. Doesn't matter... 😞

    Doesn't matter... 😞
  4. Studio Series discussion

    EDIT: I can edit my posts too. And this crap's gotta go. Big block of ugly text and I don't want it here anymore. I DON'T CARE. I get too close to the sun and forget my place every time.
  5. Studio Series discussion

    Yes. I consider the WfC Trilogy, the Legacy family of lines, and SS86 as a collective under one "master line" of sorts. And I count some of the Prime Wars toys in as well for my personal canon, mostly for the combiners which might not get remade again. But isn't the Nemesis in the High Moon...
  6. Transformers Legacy toyline

    EDIT: Gee, thanks for the edit to me and me alone. Proof that I'm the weirdo, I guess. I didn't actually break any rules and didn't insult anyone, but okay. 😞
  7. G1 Transformers Size, Power, and Mass

    :unsure: Yes, you may call me friend, and I will call you friend. I've been waiting for such a thing to happen for so long. I started to think it never would. What a time we live in. 😊
  8. Florida, Florida, Florida

    This is an excellent and dead-on video. I'm glad I watched all the way through (even if I had to listen to dursantis's dumber-than-a-sack-of-diapers snowflake crybaby hypocrite talking at points). Thanks for sharing. :3 (and wow I never cease to be amazed at how many youtube commenters support...
  9. G1 Transformers Size, Power, and Mass

    If we're going by who beats whom... Menasor beat Bruticus in one punch when Bruticus was still at his freshest period for toy advertisement. I think that's evidence that Menasor (and by extension Superion) are stronger than Bruticus. Also, Defensor took out Bruticus in one shot in the worst...
  10. Transformers Legacy toyline

    Indeed it does. I think the exposed fists are the only significant flaw (except for the mask not being removable). I assumed Salt-Man Z was referring to Tarn's robot mode with that 'kibble-free' comment, though.
  11. Transformers: Rise of the Beasts

    Yeah, I agree with PrimalxConvoy, Lobjob. It's from Amazon and it's new and in stock. So return yours to them as defective and get them to send you a replacement. It isn't Hasbro, so you'll surely get the right figure. :3
  12. LGBTQ+ Transformers fan thread

    ...Let me get this straight. This guy thinks this sentence: Dominic Raab had already announced in October that trans women with male genitalia or who had committed sexual offences would not be allowed in women’s prisons. Matches with this one: "We want to have a liberal, sensitive, tolerant...
  13. Buzzworthy Bumblebee - the "everything goes" toyline

    He kind of is, but the colors aren't in the right place. The legs should be all purple and the chest should be white to match Air Warrior. Though the white thighs are inaccurate for Hotlink as well. Hmm. 🤨
  14. Buzzworthy Bumblebee - the "everything goes" toyline

    It is actually stunning how many Acid Storms HasTak have produced. Like someone at Hasbro loves that green scheme and always pushes for it. Universe, Thrilling 30, and Siege for the main lines. And for the additional lines there are more. Kre-O. Bot Shots. Alt-Modes. Tiny Titans. Flame Toys...
  15. Generations Selects Appreciation Thread

    In More than Meets the Eye, there are generic lavender + white Seekers. They're called Air Warriors. Right there. People would want to army build them. Make it happen. Nacelle could be Thrust but with the Starscream/Thundercracker head (though that isn't technically accurate to his episode 1...
  16. Buzzworthy Bumblebee - the "everything goes" toyline

    I would have thought they'd try the Welcoming Committee (Hotlink, Bitstream, Sunstorm, and Nacelle). I know they did Hotlink from the Siege mold at least, but not the others. And they could have done the unreleased G2 Seeker Blackout if they wanted. For the Coneheads, it would have been neat to...
  17. Transformers Legacy toyline

    Wars is actually the name of my first novel. Yes, I intended to rename it at some point. No, I never did. And no the novel isn't good. I shelved it. So I think of that book first when I recall the Spychanger. But you know what? I'm going to throw my support behind the name W.A.R.S. Yeah, that's...
  18. Why was there a lack of fanfare for the 20th anniversary of a Beast Wars and could have this have caused Primal to win the prime fan vote?

    G1 Optimus Prime wasn't named Prime in Japanese continuity either. Only Convoy till recently. Is HE still a Prime in the old Japanese continuity? Regardless of an individual's answer to that question, I think many of the same would agree that Convoy and Prime are equivalents in their respective...
  19. Post Pictures of Your Transformers, Vintage Pic Edition!

    That song is so full of it, though. And it probably can't even name a jungle. I mean what's next? Penguins in ALASKA?
  20. Post Pictures of Your Transformers, Vintage Pic Edition!

    Leo Prime is so full of it. Lions don't live in the jungle. He probably can't even name a jungle! :mad:

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