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  1. Cybersnark

    Transformers Legacy toyline

    ... Fair. In fact I have that NEST jeep sitting on my shelf. I use him as Tripwire.
  2. Cybersnark

    Transformers Legacy toyline

    Reused almost universally as the same character in mostly the same deco (The only real exceptions being Skywarp and Hot-Rod-impersonating-an-officer). We'll probably never see any of Twitch's (*checks*) five molds reused (unless Twitch herself gets thrown into the next line as a fill-in...
  3. Cybersnark

    Transformers Legacy toyline

    Have we been following the same EarthSpark toyline? Hasbro's been on the single-use mold train for years.
  4. Cybersnark

    Transformers: The Basics

  5. Cybersnark

    Transformers Legacy toyline

    That is usually what a flatline means, yes.
  6. Cybersnark

    Transformers Legacy toyline

    Too bad it specifies G1 Overcharge. I was hoping for a fleet of taxis.
  7. Cybersnark

    The Random Image Thread

    Happy Valentine's Day from your AI overlords.
  8. Cybersnark

    P&R Funnies!

  9. Cybersnark

    Transformers Legacy toyline

    In the cartoon at least, it's likely Wheeljack didn't get to choose his alt-mode, it was just assigned based on whatever Teletraan-1 had scanned. Maybe he just decided he liked being a sportscar.
  10. Cybersnark

    Transformers Legacy toyline

    He can do like Zoro and hold one in his te-- . . .oh
  11. Cybersnark


    Happy Laughing Man Day!
  12. Cybersnark

    Timey Wimey Business- a thread for Doctor Who

    Doctor Who as Onion Headlines. And my favourite:
  13. Cybersnark

    Dungeons & Dragons

    Happy (official) Birthday to D&D! (The last Sunday in January 1974 would've actually been the 27th.)
  14. Cybersnark

    Star Trek General Discussion: Strange New Worlds new season is filming!

    Joking aside, Mestral a respectable career in tie-in fiction.
  15. Cybersnark

    The Random Image Thread

    From here.
  16. Cybersnark

    Post Pictures of Your Transformers, Vintage Pic Edition!

    Needs a few more "Yeesss"es.
  17. Cybersnark


    I should also mention the second season of Synduality: Noir since I'm apparently the only one who watched the first season.

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