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  1. Slamdance

    Planet X "CACUS"- IDW Grimlock

    Dinosaur mode is on the wonky side, but the robot mode has me won over. Sooo chunky. Exactly the way Sludge should be.
  2. Slamdance

    Ezra Miller is somehow The Flash in the DCEU

    Caught it this afternoon. The opening 15 minutes was hilarious and so much fun! It was an entertaining ride, even when it didn't all work.
  3. Slamdance

    General Discussion: what one change would you make to TF:TM?

    The other day, I was re-reading @repowers explanation of why the original Transformers movie wasn't a good movie (well worth the time if you're a fellow film junkie), and it got me thinking: If I could change just one thing about TF:TM, what would it be? After thinking about it for way...
  4. Slamdance

    Transformers Collaborative thread ( Frankenstein's Monster )

    All I know is I'd buy an Amazon Prime Optimus Prime in a heartbeat. It'd go nicely with my t-shirt:
  5. Slamdance

    The 3rd Party Toy Picture thread

    This is what I love about 3rd party in general and Fans Hobby in particular: we get the figures that Takara will probably never make Masterpiece versions of.
  6. Slamdance

    Transformers: The Movie - Where to find it streaming full screen

    Anybody know if there's a streaming service that has Transformers: The Movie in full screen instead of widescreen? I know it's on DVD, but I haven't had any luck tracking it down digitally.
  7. Slamdance

    The 3rd Party Toy Picture thread

    I am drooling over that Grimlock. Still waiting for BBTS to ship mine. I cannot wait for their Sludge to get released.
  8. Slamdance

    Reformatted Mentis-A.K.A. RUNG!!!!

    Not that I ever heard. Google doesn't bring anything up.
  9. Slamdance

    Reformatted Mentis-A.K.A. RUNG!!!!

    I’m still shocked that no one has made a Masterpiece scale Devcon (or even a Generations figure from Hasbro). I’m snagging the Iron Factory figure since I don’t expect to see another Devcon anytime soon. It still amazes me how well Mastermind Creations has succeeded in translating the MTMTE...
  10. Slamdance

    Cang Toys' Team Volcanicus

    I'm a sucker for a good Dinobot set that's not slavishly devoted to the G1 designs. Depending on the size and price, I might buy them.
  11. Slamdance

    Planet X "CACUS"- IDW Grimlock

    I am beyond stoked for this.
  12. Slamdance

    Planet X "CACUS"- IDW Grimlock

    Such a great design. I'm really hoping they'll do the whole set of IDW Dinobots.

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