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  1. roborobspringer

    He-Man, and also the Masters of the Universe

    While I'm enjoying the figures (mostly Origins with a little Revelations and looking forward to the new line), my main focus is the Mega Construx and Eternia Minis (I swear they need to come with stickers). I got the newest wave of Mega Construx this past week after my pre-order was on back...
  2. roborobspringer

    Draculus revealed.

    Got mine on pre-order. Would hope they do other Universal Monsters, but I'm happy with this one regardless. Wish he retained the Titan Master/Headmaster giving us a Reinfield or somebody. Vlad Tepes?
  3. roborobspringer

    Draculus revealed.

    Well dang, that's a must get.
  4. roborobspringer

    Robots in Disguise (2001) Appreciation Thread

    I really enjoyed this show. My roommate at the time had a part time job at a local comic/anime store. He brought home a tape of translated Car Robots episodes (which we made a copy of sshhh) and I watched them pretty often. I wanted to import the CR toys but was too broke at the time. So when...
  5. roborobspringer

    Transformers: Rise of the Beasts

    Really looking forward to this one. Maybe it's just post Bumblebee excitment. I really liked Bumblebee and know this one will be different, but that's probably why I'm looking forward to it as much as I am. That and, I've liked everything I've heard about it so far.
  6. roborobspringer

    Titans Return Appreciation Thread

    I loved Titans Return, mostly so for the Titan Masters than anything else. I loved the silly little cars and stuff driven by tiny little robots. I was pretty sad when it was over, thankfully I was pretty fond of Primemasters.
  7. roborobspringer

    Sound off: Last TF you bought

    Origins Bumblebee, finally found him this past Saturday.

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