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  1. Your 5 Most-Wanted Gen Deluxe Characters

    i need the rid 2001 car brothers the most my absolute long shot, never gonna happens are leader class torca and idw fort max
  2. The Repaint Concept Thread

    i vaguely remember the bwII galvatron for deathsaurus idea
  3. Are there any Transformers that you started out not likeing but now glad you own?

    minicons and titan masters. i wasn't thrilled with either and ended up passing on most minicon sets in armada. spent a lot of money and time tracking them down years later. quickly changed my tune with titan masters and have made a number of customs with them now
  4. The Repaint Concept Thread

    i'm kinda wanting night shade done in the black tm2 prowl colors. also might grab an extra when the figure comes out and try doing night owl from watchmen
  5. The Repaint Concept Thread

    fever dream would've been a better sg version. what could have been
  6. The Repaint Concept Thread

    this is the 2nd time i've seen someone make this and now i HAVE to buy a 2nd detrieus when he comes out just to make this reality in my collection
  7. The Repaint Concept Thread

    good point. i've seen a few customs of cobra commander, so i guess i could be the first publicly with "krok master"
  8. The Repaint Concept Thread

    i was tossing around custom ideas over the weekend, and i got inspired to take my extra tr krok and turn him into croc master from gi joe. has anyone ever digibashed this?
  9. Pitch a Transformers Generations-Style Toyline

    Return of the Beast Wars! Preview 2 pack: Voyager class aligator Megatron vs deluxe class bat Optimus Primal Core class Maximals: Lemur, Squirrel (robot mode homages Squirrel Girl), Parrot (possible robot mode homage to GI Joe Shipwreck), chameleon, peacock Predacons: weasel, compy, hyena...
  10. The Repaint Concept Thread

    welp, guess i'm gonna be buying 1 of detrius to make that sg hound
  11. The Repaint Concept Thread

    randy horton outta nowhere!
  12. The Repaint Concept Thread

    anyone working on a bash of bw scavenger from inferno/antagony? picked up on extra inferno today after pre ordering antagony so i can have a custom done by the time she gets here
  13. Generations Selects Appreciation Thread

    i'm not opposed to including tm scavenger's head with antagony, but why? i don't get what they're trying to do with it. i'm willing to bet you can't transform the figure with his head on there with those horns. otherwise, i'm stoked for antagony. never been able to get the botcon figure, so this...
  14. The Repaint Concept Thread

    what is that figure? i don't recognize it at all
  15. Looking for Magmatron parts

    I know it's a long shot, but I'm looking for the Magmatron Seasarus shield, specifically both sets of flippers for a custom I'm starting.
  16. The Repaint Concept Thread

    has anyone done idw fulcrum from earthspark thrash?
  17. The Repaint Concept Thread

    i have yet to post pics anywhere, but i recently completed my own version of this
  18. The Repaint Concept Thread

    i am perfectly content to never get another version of the character, but i was looking at scraphook yesterday and thought he'd make an interesting beat up alternate version of sg rodimus. he already has the facial hair
  19. If a Shattered Glass Galvatron toy is sent out with the Matrix could it become the Prime of that Universe?

    i thought the matrix didn't exist in the shattered glass universe?
  20. The Repaint Concept Thread

    that would've been a cool concept for beast wars. repaint magmatron

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