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  1. Confuzor

    Game Awards 2023

    Agreed! That trailer was my largest pop-off of the whole event! Just JSR or Crazy Taxi alone would have elicited joyous glee from me, but both!? Alongside Golden Axe, Shinobi and Streets of Rage? Happy birthday to me!!! (It really was my birthday yesterday)
  2. Confuzor

    Sonic The Hedgehog

    3. I hate playing games that are meant for consoles on a phone.
  3. Confuzor

    G.I. Joe thread - 10/27 Clutch with Vamp & MCM Mutt, Junkyard & Metal Head

    Huh.. I mustve lost the bat wings fast then. Got the shipping notice for the HISS tank. I only really want it for the figures and plan on selling the tank ans Cobra Commander.
  4. Confuzor

    G.I. Joe thread - 10/27 Clutch with Vamp & MCM Mutt, Junkyard & Metal Head

    I wonder what type of wings Nemesis Enforcer (Immortal?) will be like. In the movie they were bat wings, but the toy I had as a kod had these weird vine-like things in the vague shape of wings.
  5. Confuzor

    The Repaint Concept Thread

    You have no idea how much it irked me that they never did that.
  6. Confuzor

    Ninja Turtles - Cowabunga!

    Glad to see those are marketedly larger than the previous BST AXN releases. Hows the plastic feel? The previous ones I saw in the store looked like they had a really cheap feeling plastic (never held one, so its clearly my bias)
  7. Confuzor

    Sony's Spider-Man Universe

    Oh, let me be clear. Im not not watching the the trailer to avoid spoilers. Im not watching the trailer because I cannot begin to fathom giving a shit about this movie.
  8. Confuzor

    G.I. Joe thread - 10/27 Clutch with Vamp & MCM Mutt, Junkyard & Metal Head

    Just got an email saying my Haslab HISS tank is expected to ship Dec 15.
  9. Confuzor

    Sony's Spider-Man Universe

    But that would require... <__< >__> .....watching the trailer (And I realllllly dont want to)
  10. Confuzor

    The Random Image Thread

  11. Confuzor

    Hyrule Town Square

    To this day Id love to see DiC Zelda's outfit on a game Zelda.
  12. Confuzor

    Ghostbusters General

    For those that might have missed it Im getting a Real Ghostbusters vibe from this, not sure why tho. Maybe it feels refreshing to have something not (immediately) tied to Gozer.
  13. Confuzor

    Mass Effect

    Released alongside the teaser. if you look closely in the cloak, you can see an Angoran and a Geth wearing clothes.
  14. Confuzor

    Transformers Collaborative thread ( Frankenstein's Monster )

    I see that van and only wish even harder it was the Mystery Machine instead.
  15. Confuzor

    Ghostbusters General

    Theres something oddly appealing about that Haslab patch...
  16. Confuzor

    TFcon Orlando 2023: October 20 - 22

    I'm just not used to brand representatives (even ex representatives) throwing shade like he was. There were a few other times during the panel he openly disliked the art that was used from DW that I didn't quote too, so it wasn't just that single line.
  17. Confuzor

    TFcon Orlando 2023: October 20 - 22

    For my first Transformers con, it was alright. I had a tight budget and not much I was really looking for. Unfortunately most of what I was looking for was gone or waaaay too expensive (Titans Return Misfire and Legacy Cosmos) Getting to see the dealer's room was fun, also seeing stuff I...
  18. Confuzor

    Transformers: Rise (console MMO)

    I'm kinda digging this Starscream. Giving me G1 meets Armada vibes.
  19. Confuzor

    Transformers FIgure WIshlist

    Signal Lancer. Preferrably Deluxe class.
  20. Confuzor

    He-Man, and also the Masters of the Universe

    Revealed the crossover with TMNT figures. Lookin really cool!

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