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  1. Teufel


    I guess the pandemic is waning in New York City because the attacks in Crown Heights are back. October 11th Mid November November 30th
  2. Teufel

    Dean Stockwell passed away He was always good, even in low grade stuff like The Langoliers. I recently watched the Battlestar Galactica remake and had a mixed reaction to the series, but one the pleasant surprises was Dean...
  3. Teufel

    Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

    Wasn't sure if I should put this in a China thread or not, but I'm sure we'll need this one eventually, too. Israel bails on condemnation of China's treatment of Uighurs Straight up cowardly and repugnant of Israel of all countries to shirk away from condemning genocide in Xianjiang because...
  4. Teufel

    The Biden-Harris Administration

    Dunno if this will be active enough to warrant its own thread or if it should just be lumped together into some eventual Democrats thread, but oh well. Several months into Joe Biden's presidency and his approvals are cratering as the Not Trump honeymoon is definitely over. Quinnipiac is...
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