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  1. Noideaforaname

    The Leaked Listings Thread

    Conceptually a "multiverse combiner" is pretty neat, cherry picking the best/most interesting version of each character instead of being locked into one specific iteration. I wouldn't be opposed to a Bruticus made of something like Animated Swindle, SWAT truck Onslaught, Space Shuttle Blast Off...
  2. Noideaforaname

    The Leaked Listings Thread

    Well this'll be... interesting:
  3. Noideaforaname

    The Leaked Listings Thread

    Buzzworthy Cliffjumper and Kup Cliff's got a new color layout, and both of them have opaque windows. The later is particularly interesting given the fears over clear plastic lately. (Has Bumblebee ever, like, met Kup?)
  4. Noideaforaname

    The Jurassic Thread!

    Enjoying the cartoon a lot more than the new movies, although I miss how the series used to at least attempt to be scientific. I don't expect 100% accuracy, but it's a shame to go from really pushing the bird connection to horribly dated paleoart memes and
  5. Noideaforaname

    The Repaint Concept Thread

    Tigatarn based on a post by Chaos Wolf at TFW
  6. Noideaforaname

    Toy and Action Figure Thread

    "Enter" and "Stop" again?! This game's rigged...
  7. Noideaforaname

    WFC Kingdom Appreciation Thread

    "No, it's the Beast Wars guy not the G1 guy" is a fun little change of pace. Between this and that rumored white Buzzworthy repaint I'm almost certainly gonna get some version of this mold after all. EDIT: Slammer's tower mode... and some interesting "accidental" leaks in the margins there...
  8. Noideaforaname

    The Repaint Concept Thread

    Nah, when the Prime game came out I was into Kreons so I just made actual customs for the Copter, Tank, and Truck Vehicons. Which is just as well given those three are decidedly more involved than just slapping wings on a car. Also, a bit of a cheat since this was a dead ass basic hue-shift...
  9. Noideaforaname

    The Repaint Concept Thread

    Vehicon retooled into, well, more Vehicons. Done before Hasbro made a separate Jet Vehicon mold, as you can guess. The two-visored Miners never transformed in the show so I had a bit of fun coming up with an alt more for it.
  10. Noideaforaname

    Generations Selects Appreciation Thread

    Yeah, I'm gonna go ahead and cancel Mutant Tigatron for now. No notice on him, but that return window's been moved up to January. Hell I might just wait for a sale, given how Black Friday made me feel foolish for preordering basically everything in the past year.
  11. Noideaforaname

    The Leaked Listings Thread

    Replace Ractonite's head with a mammoth's and you get one squat mammoth. And with all the cool Spinosaur discoveries in recent years it'd be incredibly lame to just slap spikes on a T. rex and call it a day. Anyways, more new non-repaint Fozzilizers would be very welcomed. Kinda hope the two...
  12. Noideaforaname

    Remember the Gamecube? Its 20 years old now, and you won't believe what it looks like now!

    Luigi busts ghosts! Pokemon lets you steal other people's monsters! Metroid becomes an FPS! Zelda gives us a surprisingly humanized version of the King of Evil. Zelda also gives us the best companion, Midna! Pikmin lets us command an army of rainbow carrots! Star Fox fights dinosaurs! Kirby...
  13. Noideaforaname

    Toy and Action Figure Thread

    It's been a while since I've gotten Jurassic Park toys. Last one may very well have been a JP3 Velociraptor, heh. Nice to have a (super-articulated!) update to him and that big electronic TLW raptor. Dunno how likely toy-based repaints are (especially since they're from a rival company now)...
  14. Noideaforaname

    I really dont like Cyberverse

    I think Cyberverse benefits immensely from being released during this particular era of Transformers. A lot of us are getting damn sick of all these tryhard grimdark low-effort-nostalgia wank-fests, so a show willing to do something ridiculous like Space Steve Irwin the Alien Hunter is...
  15. Noideaforaname

    Cyberverse Appreciation Thread

    So long, Cyberverse. Again.
  16. Noideaforaname

    Spider-Man: No Way Home - in cinemas 17 December 2021

    So like, it's a fanwankier version of Into the Spider-Verse? I dunno, after shit like Space Jam and Ready Player One and everything I'm completely sick of this sort of memberberry movie now. The actual plot idea here of Spider-Man being compelled to kill his foes because that's their fate is...
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