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  1. He-Man, and also the Masters of the Universe

    "This is Halloween, This is-...wait, hold up, wrong guy..." Looks like a glove and clamp, maybe they're retrieving Fisto and Clamp Champ from Subternia?
  2. He-Man, and also the Masters of the Universe

    BAH! In MY day, we didn't HAVE He-Man! That all changed the day Prince Adam held up his magic sword and yelled "SHAZAM" and Gomer Pyle turned into a super hero! Only three others knew his secret, the Sorceress, the Professor and Mary Ann...Then Micheal Jackson's face appeared laughing for...
  3. Transformers Legacy Line Revealed

    In my own mind the Fossilizers were Maximals and Predacons after a run-in with D'Compose. I could see the rock guys as linked.
  4. Hasbro PulseCon 2023, Hosted by Dan Larson & Thew Adams

    I predict that the next HasLab will be Wheeljack's lab with the labels to make it a HazLab mounted on a slab that turns into a Black Lab. Due to wanting to avoid any problematic 'lab' references it will be called a 'Cybertronian Repair Bay'.
  5. It's the Muppet Thread

    I still haven't got a chance to see it myself, but a lot complained about the Russian scenes in context of what was happening back then, and now of course it hasn't improved. I know it didn't perform as well as expected.
  6. It's the Muppet Thread

    I don't know, I just assume the takeaway is 'don't set your movie in an aggressive politically unstable country and expect it to work just fine'. On the other hand, geopolitics is never easy to predict, but that's being worked on...
  7. Generations Selects Appreciation Thread

    Can you show it? Maybe I missed something, but with the legs back there, there didn't seem to be room. The original BW one had the thruster back there and the robot legs were the ant legs.
  8. Generations Selects Appreciation Thread

    I just realized tonight, the Legacy ant mold can only store one blaster at a time in beast mode, and not well at that. I usually have Inferno in ant mold carry the gun in his mandibles like an ant would carry something back to the nest. But if you have two of that mold (I got Antagony too), one...
  9. He-Man, and also the Masters of the Universe

    Wow...I see you took it literally! Indiana Jones called. He said "AAAAAAUUUGGGGHHH!!!"
  10. The Kaiju Thread of Building-Smashing, Flame-Breathing, and Slam-Dunking

    I picture Kup saying "I Orthogonal Diagonalizer'd once. Didn't know a robot could GET a red rash, other than the Hate Plague. Well, it wasn't the plague but I sure hated it...retroactively, as it happened..."
  11. Post Pictures of Your Transformers! Show me your Seekers!

    Found this old one. Botbots may not have been everyone's cup of tea but they did work with other toy lines provided you weren't remotely sane at the time.
  12. The Kaiju Thread of Building-Smashing, Flame-Breathing, and Slam-Dunking

    Found this when looking for my old Fort Max gum kit comics for the other thread. The fight we want to see AFTER the Gamera crossover!
  13. Generations Selects Appreciation Thread

    I use mine to show off my utter lack of any sense of scale. But it works great for mix and matches on the Monster Shelf. The fists ARE held in by rings if plastic that can show stress marks (a hair dryer can help there) and it is possible to snap the little thin pegs on the arm ramps when...
  14. The Kaiju Thread of Building-Smashing, Flame-Breathing, and Slam-Dunking

    Something something Fan Rage not an actual Godzilla monster something Ah, who am I kidding I did it within five minutes of getting the toy and you did too. Admit it. Godzilla vs. Gamera vs. Stay Puft vs. Perry Mason vs. Mothra vs. Biollante vs. Jet Jaguar vs. Local Rail vs. Other Mothra vs...
  15. Transformers Legacy Line Revealed

    And there was enough oil on the wings to be visible and feel-able, but nothing 'bio' that could be seen at 20-40x (dissecting scope). At that scale any actual mycelium would have been obvious.
  16. Post Pictures of Your Transformers! Show me your Seekers!

    I'm in the 'oil' camp for this one, a friend brought his to my place unopened, we took it out and put it under my dissecting scope. No mold or anything resembling it, but enough oil that the wings were actually slippery, and you could see under 20x that there was somewhat congealed liquid in...
  17. Transformers Legacy Line Revealed

    That's an improvement, and fits with what we know of the manufacturing process (I and many others give figures and model kits a rinse in water before assembly simply to make the paint adhere better due to residual release oil sometimes messing it up), but in the interest of staying within...
  18. Transformers Legacy Line Revealed

    A lot of other stuff going around now, definitely. Then again, some ARE allergic, badly so, so it can't be counted out entirely. It just seems unlikely to be the toy.
  19. Transformers Legacy Line Revealed

    I wonder why it's started anyway. Plastic is organic, and there ARE microbes, including fungi, that will eat it, but its NOT common. Thing is, ID'ing a fungus is often very difficult, so I doubt we will get any answer as to a species or anything. What country of origin is this, China or Vietnam...
  20. Transformers Legacy Line Revealed

    There's got to be a better way to phrase this. "When they released this toy they broke the mold." "Those hate plague spores are a lot less problematic than I thought. I still hate them, though." "FUZZY BUNNIES! "Hair's to you." "My-My-MY MYCOTA!" "This hobby grows on you. And in your shower."...

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