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  1. Blazezard

    Customs HasLab Legacy Victory Saber Brain of Courage painted.

    I saw the painted online digibashes back when this thing was announced and honestly the final version needed some colour, so I touched it up a bit as best as I could, I'm pretty happy with the results.
  2. Blazezard

    Customs Kingdom Core-class Hot rod painted!

    I've always thought that most figures are not bad, they're just not painted well, I think this proves it.
  3. Blazezard

    Customs Covert agent Ravage knuckles painted

    I noticed covert agent Ravage had sculpted knuckles and stuff and in the animation he had silver knuckles which on the retail figure were unpainted to painted them up myself. Just for quick little reference.
  4. Blazezard

    Customs Behold, Galvatron! slug minis painted.

    I watched a video of someone who painted the power rangers slugs that came with the Power Rangers ZAP Dino Megazord, and was like "I wish I had something like that in transformers" and remembered I do, so painted the slugs that come with the "Behold, Galvatron!" Unicron companion pack and the...
  5. Blazezard

    Customs Generations alt mode details painted.

    Also totally toflex, but. Forgot to mention it, since I couldn't colour-match it to the blue on the windshield, instead I matched him to the 2008 encore blue to the best of my abilities.
  6. Blazezard

    Customs Generations alt mode details painted.

    I love the Generations figures but they sometimes have unpainted car details, like today's subjet: Earhtrise Trailbreaker. The car details are great, but it could use some more colours to break up the monotony of one colour. I start by painting the details I intent to paint in white, simply...
  7. Blazezard

    Customs Studio series Spike head paint.

    I love the SS86 Core class Spike, but the uncanny valley faceless feature head could use some details so here they are. Luckily the whole thing is held together by a single screw so it's not hard to take apart. Had to repaint the hair because I also wanted to pain the gaping hole on the back...

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