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    Traitor Watch - The 45 Thread

    This really isn't a big deal. Historically, the average U.S. President is charged with 2.02 felonies after leaving office. That's based on the 45 former Presidents we've had so far, and the 91 felony charges brought against Donald Trump in the last five months.
  2. ChessPieceFace

    Recommended shops in the Seattle area?

    Too late, but the answer was "it varied." I always bring cash because people generally prefer it, and it's easier to make deals. There were lots of Transformers new and old at the show, but what we ended up buying was a variety of other stuff. Hope you made it!
  3. ChessPieceFace

    Takara Missing Link G1 Series

    Nothing we've ever gotten before, from Hasbro or a third party, has come close to this level of re-engineering a G1 toy while keeping everything that was G1 about its appearance and size. For someone who loves Transformers as toys first and foremost, it's mind-blowing that something like this...
  4. ChessPieceFace

    Takara Missing Link G1 Series

    Yeah, this is a super-niche item that required a lot of engineering to create. I paid $100 for the first GodGinrai reissue over 20 years ago, $120 for this seems perfectly reasonable. BBTS has preorders as well now, for $70 and $120. I cancelled my order and pre-ordered both...
  5. ChessPieceFace

    Recommended shops in the Seattle area?

    Oh yeah, I didn't even notice that before. I see the pic of Transformers now, but it does look like all recent items in the photo and the amount of Funko gives me pause. Depends on what you're looking for of course, but if you're wanting a variety including G1, I'd say Bobakhan and the toy show...
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    Recommended shops in the Seattle area?

    I moved to Seattle last year. I'll second Archie McPhee as a really fun place to check out, and very convenient to downtown. I don't really know of any recommendations for Transformers or Lego stores in Seattle proper. If you're able to get out into the suburbs, there are some good options: -...
  7. ChessPieceFace

    Takara Missing Link G1 Series

    I love this, but I'm torn on the version to get. I have several G1 trailers already, so that's no draw. I love the molded "sticker" detail, which is so beautifully painted on the toy version, but I prefer the multicolored matrix, yellow waist details, and blue windows of the anime version. I...
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    Post Pictures of Your Transformers! Show me your Seekers!

    Brawn just never looks right to me without his Cylon face and his metal claws for stealing old people's medicine.
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    The Twit destroying Twitter is a Twaitor

    That's not real though
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    Transformers Legacy Line Revealed

    Jeez, they really don't want to give me a Diaclone Powered Convoy with a blue cab Optimus that doesn't look awful. I thought surely this big expensive version would finally deliver that.
  11. ChessPieceFace

    Transformers: Rise of the Beasts

    So hey, what was the ship in the hangar at the end supposed to be exactly? Am I meant to recognize it?
  12. ChessPieceFace

    Blue Beetle due August 2023

    I'm unfamiliar with the comic, but that trailer looks so generic. I feel like the trailer revealed most of the plot points of the movie, and it looks like a dozen superhero movies I've seen already.
  13. ChessPieceFace

    Ahsoka - streaming on Disney+

    "You know this one girl with hair like this?"
  14. ChessPieceFace

    Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

    This Star Trek is the most Star Trek Star Trek since Star Trek, and this Star Trek episode is the most Star Trek this Star Trek has ever been. New worlds and new civilizations! Deeper philosophical and societal questions about grief and class inequality and man's baser instincts explored...
  15. ChessPieceFace

    Transformers: Rise of the Beasts

    I don't think the scene from that trailer with Elena saying "This can't be real... This can't be real... (Arcee waves) It's real," is actually in the movie.
  16. ChessPieceFace

    Transformers: Rise of the Beasts

    One spoilery thought, nothing too major but I may as well tag it...
  17. ChessPieceFace

    Transformers: Rise of the Beasts

    Disagree on most of that. But if you didn't like Bumblebee and don't like "emotion" in movies, I guess we have different tastes. I will say that while Cheetor and Rhinox are basically background characters with a line or two, Primal and Airrazor are heavily featured. They're certainly not...
  18. ChessPieceFace

    Transformers: Rise of the Beasts

    So hey, now there are two Transformers movies I wouldn't be embarrassed to recommend! No spoilers. Bumblebee is certainly the better movie, and this one is never really not dumb. But, it's the kind of dumb that Transformers movies probably always should have been, instead of the gross...
  19. ChessPieceFace

    Transformers: Rise of the Beasts

    And away we go! My expectations are thoroughly tempered.

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