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  1. Plutoniumboss

    Palia; a cozy, animal crossing like MMO.

    I've been having a good time with it. There's some people taking it super seriously, but going into it chill is nice.
  2. Plutoniumboss

    P&R Funnies!

    "Teach the benefits of slavery."
  3. Plutoniumboss

    Random Thoughts From Out of Nowhere

    Higher on the street, and I know it's my time to go-oh!
  4. Plutoniumboss

    Nobody has the intention to invade Ukraine

    The Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings were also detonations at altitude. Distance makes a big difference.
  5. Plutoniumboss

    The Toku Thread

    I have recently been watching the masterpiece that is Star Fleet/X Bomber, and I must revise a previous assessment. Yume no Hero is the second greatest toku theme. The greatest toku theme is the Star Fleet theme. Specifically as covered by Brian May and Eddie Van Halen.
  6. Plutoniumboss

    Christian Evangelicals - not all are made equal

    All affirmations are in some sense true, in some sense false, in some sense meaningless, in some sense true and false, in some sense true and meaningless, in some sense false and meaningless, and in some sense true and false and meaningless.
  7. Plutoniumboss

    LGBQT+ News & Articles

    Update to the update, turns out I was right the first time, FIDE is just shit.
  8. Plutoniumboss

    Cover Songs

  9. Plutoniumboss

    LGBQT+ News & Articles

    Update, someone with more knowledge informed me that there isn't really a "male division". There is an open division, and a female division to encourage more women to get involved in a competition that historically has leaned heavily male. So the seeming double standard for MtF and FtM trans...
  10. Plutoniumboss

    LGBQT+ News & Articles

    Won't someone think of the poor cis males? The only reason to have separate gender divisions for chess is to defend the egos of male competitors.
  11. Plutoniumboss

    Babylon 5 to be Rebooted on the CW

    This is high praise. All too often, voice replacements get an actor that sounds like a previous actor but doesn't manage to feel like the character.
  12. Plutoniumboss

    How Old Were You When Trans Formers G I Started On TV?

    I was four. My dad said I came to him and asked him for a Transformer. He replied, 'what do you need a transformer for, you don't even have a train set!"
  13. Plutoniumboss

    Police behaving badly

    They'll need to watch out for stray sand.
  14. Plutoniumboss

    Police behaving badly

    The stupid part is THEY WEREN'T EVEN GOING TO PUBLISH ANYTHING ABOUT IT, the newspaper was acting responsibly and following up on the information to make sure it wasn't from a poisoned source. And now the whole nation is looking. I'm not sure how an attempted coverup and silencing could possibly...
  15. Plutoniumboss

    What stupid thing did the GOP say or do this time? Episode 3!

    Borderline? It is the Chewbacca Defense.
  16. Plutoniumboss

    Florida, Florida, Florida

    The entire state is basically a sandbar, any significant geological activity and it'll disintegrate into the sea.

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