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  1. Hasbro PulseCon 2023, Hosted by Dan Larson & Thew Adams

    No HasLab? Really? I am dissapoint(n).
  2. The Allspark Pro Wrestling Thread

    And somehow Nia Jax still has a job.
  3. The Allspark Pro Wrestling Thread

    So apparently last night on Dynamite Moxley likely suffered a mild concussion early in the match with Fenix and instead of stopping the match it was allowed to continue up to a screwy finish that saw the ref fail to count the pinfall even though he was told to and Mox didn't kick out. Way to...
  4. Ahsoka - streaming on Disney+

    Gotta admit that hit me right in the feels.
  5. Transformers Legacy Line Revealed

    I think the head sculpt is fine.
  6. Star Trek General Discussion: 57 years of Star Trek to discuss

    Jokes like that really have no place in Star Trek. I definitely won't be wasting my time on this one.
  7. Ahsoka - streaming on Disney+

    Something I don't understand - why did Ahsoka grab the searing hot orb with her hand instead of using the force?
  8. So let's Predict 2025's Generation Line

    I just hope we get some kind of re-release of Cosmos.
  9. Deadpool 3!!

    Oh SNAP!
  10. Ahsoka - streaming on Disney+

    Well, tomorrow for those of us who can't stay up until 11 to watch it. Why is that even a thing, anyway?
  11. My Adventures With Superman

    Volcana has also been a recurring guest on the new season of Harley Quinn so maybe that has something to do with it?
  12. Anti-Semitism

    To be fair, if it wasn't religion it would be something else. Humans have never had to look far for a reason to kill each other.
  13. Takara Missing Link G1 Series

    Don't we already have a thread for this?
  14. G.I. Joe thread: Pulsecon Updates on first page

    Looks like the Viper is here! Alternately, Gives new meaning to the phrase "RKO OUTTA NOWHERE!".
  15. G.I. Joe thread: Pulsecon Updates on first page

    I hope you enjoy paying $200 for a HISS that has less moving parts than the original.
  16. The Allspark Pro Wrestling Thread

    Stay classy, Teddy.
  17. Babylon 5 to be Rebooted on the CW

    Still nobody listen to Zathras.
  18. Ninja Turtles - Cowabunga!

    Wow, they put out a new issue? I guess they got tired of dragging their feet.
  19. The Orville

    Hell, we have multiple. But who doesn't like redundancy, although one thread is basically a troll talking to himself.

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