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  1. Daith

    Dungeons & Dragons

    Hi my name Squeirk. Squeirk iz Goblin Barbarian Bard. Squeirk smashin things with Squeirkz fire frying pan and stab things with two singy daggers.
  2. Daith

    Gotta Catch 'Em All! - Pokémon Thread

    I was wondering around and found these NPCs. Yeah, these were the ones I mentioned about a good money making quest. You make some good bank off of these two.
  3. Daith

    Marvel Toy Thread

    Frankly I’m pissed about the release of the unmasked heads for the Spider-Men. Only positive is we get the classic suit looking Tom Holland. But selling the three pack last year and then getting this revealed weeks after we got it! It burns a bit. And it’s almost as bad as McFarlanes DC crap...
  4. Daith

    Transformers Legacy Line Revealed

    I’m only sad that we aren’t getting a better articulated Energon Megs at a bigger size class. But it is the perfect little fiddle Transformer. I’ll admit the Infernac Rock bots don’t do anything for me with the two we saw. If there was a more molten lava look with some slavish reds and oranges...
  5. Daith

    Transformers Legacy Line Revealed

    I used AoE Hound as a G1 Bulkhead to stand with my CHUG lineup until Legacy came out. That said I made the vehicle comparison earlier mainly due to a Military truck being more in line with a SWAT vehicle than Primes Heavy SUV to me. Neither has a soft canopy back end though. I used to drive an...
  6. Daith

    Transformers Legacy Line Revealed

    Won’t stop some from making the comparison. His Vehicle mode is more Animated than Primes big SUV. But does need the big green lower jaw to be more Animated.
  7. Daith

    Transformers Legacy Line Revealed

    I like our Animated boys here. Don’t like that Bees Stingers are hand held but other wise I can deal with his less rounded bot mode. Likewise with Optimus. By now we know not to expect a 1 to 1 recreation, but he looks good in both Bot and Truck form. I just down that they didn’t use the...
  8. Daith

    Gotta Catch 'Em All! - Pokémon Thread

    I’ve actually already completed the Teal Mask DLC storyline and Pokédex. I like that it’s a vast new high level area to explore but the story is about as meh as always. But we do get an adorable new legendary out of it with form changes so… So the new area has a Pokédex of 200 with some shared...
  9. Daith

    Mortal Kombat

    I’m going to say I’m actually thinking of waiting on this one. I’m interested in where the story is going but the roster and gameplay has nothing drawing me in.
  10. Daith

    He-Man, and also the Masters of the Universe

    Well the remainder of Origins with new characters or finishing off the classic line are. The Filmation cartoon line is supposed to still be in stores going forward.
  11. Daith

    He-Man, and also the Masters of the Universe

    I do like it my self but I’d rather have the playsets. That Doom Tower looks great. And having a true Snakes Lair for the Snake Men themselves would give each faction a base set.
  12. Daith

    He-Man, and also the Masters of the Universe

    Also Mattel is holding a fan vote for the next big MotU crowdfunding project. You get to vote for two between. A Filmation Attack Trak The Classic Fright Zone Playset The Doom Tower (Filmation Hordak’s Tower) A Horde Crawler Tank or a Brand new Snakes Lair playset for the Snake men Link to...
  13. Daith

    He-Man, and also the Masters of the Universe

    So Origins Lady Slither has been dated for release on Mattel Creations for the 12th. Many MotU content creators already got a sample figure in hand.
  14. Daith


    Underated anime is one of those odd things that’s really hard to quantify. Saying Utena is underrated Is a tad odd. Forgotten in the modern slew of available content sure, but its reputation still lives. I’ve never watched all of it but I know of it and more, but I’m also of its generation. Most...
  15. Daith

    The Mandalorian - streaming on Disney+

    They will be collectible pick ups for me. I like having media I like being on physical just in case Disney does the unthinkable.
  16. Daith

    My Adventures With Superman

    Going to need some rather large Diamonds for that….. Well dinner played out as well as expected.
  17. Daith

    The Miniature Wargame/Board Game Thread

    Ready the Super Sheep! Launch the Concrete Donkeys! And pray your far enough from the Holy Hand Grenade you threw! Worms is getting a board game!
  18. Daith

    Ahsoka - streaming on Disney+

    My biggest peeve is what is up with
  19. Daith

    Power Rangers General Discussion Thread

    So September 29th is our drop day for Cosmic Fury on Netflix! And Billy is back in the Main Credits!
  20. Daith

    Magic the Gathering

    So WotC pretty much revealed their plans for up until the 1st quarter of 2026 for Magic at GenCon, and I’m not really enthused at all. The “Universes Beyond” products are hyping me more than any of the normal sets they talked about. And even then it’s feeling so much more like they are pushing...

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