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  1. Star Trek Lower Decks

    I dunno... I'd nominate pretty much any shuttle being flown by Chakotay as the most likely to crash.
  2. Hollywood is on Strike

    Yeah, this is having a huge impact on the California economy, and last I read at least 17,000 people were currently laid off or unemployed who'd otherwise be working. The main people being hurt here are them, as well as middle-class actors who are more paycheque to paycheque, or even poorer...
  3. The Mandalorian - streaming on Disney+

    All those in Canada would come to about $80/month, which is about what I was paying for slightly better than basic cable back in the day. It may not sound like a lot (though given how most streaming divisions are moaning about how they're losing money, I expect those prices to start going up)...
  4. Star Trek: The Original Series and The Next Generation

    Specifically, Sarek's relationship, or lack thereof, with Spock was probably his greatest regret. While they did seem to reconcile somewhat in the period spanning TOS to The Voyage Home, even then Sarek never really developed a genuine understanding of Spock or his point of view. It's pretty...
  5. The Mandalorian - streaming on Disney+

    I actually wish it weren't a "collectible" steelbook, given how annoying those are to find in perfect shape. Just a regular case with a slipcover would be welcome. Hopefully S1 of Ms. Marvel is next, to tie into the upcoming Marvels film. While it may not be "showing" anyone, I'll glady take...
  6. The Mandalorian - streaming on Disney+

    Seasons 1 & 2 of this streaming "exclusive" are finally come to Blu-Ray and 4K, after Disney+'s utter failure to make so much as a dime. It's in the first (of more to come, hopefully) wave of releases alongside Marvel's Wandavision & Loki as well as the surprisingly enjoyable Predator prequel...
  7. Star Trek General Discussion: 57 years of Star Trek to discuss

    It's only a 5 minute difference, but the pacing of the Director's Cut has been heavily modified and it doesn't feel nearly as slow.
  8. Star Trek General Discussion: 57 years of Star Trek to discuss

    Did you watch the director's cut or the theatrical? It makes a big difference. It's only in the last few months, thanks to the recent 4K blu-ray release of the pre-Abrams Trek films, that both cuts of TMP have finally been made available in properly-remastered HD.
  9. DC original animated movies

    Not a huge fan of the animation style, or part 1... but as part 2 looks to be set in the Justice League's universe rather than the home universe of whoever those other people were, this might be better to watch.
  10. Ezra Miller is somehow The Flash in the DCEU

    Agreed on pretty much everything. Ironically, the titular character wasn't that compelling, but a heck of a lot of the surrounding characters and scenery were great to see. I'd love to see Keaton come back for a new Batman film, or as older Bruce in a Batman Beyond adaptation.
  11. Blue Beetle due August 2023

    Well, even Superman has limits. It took Thanos coming at Tony one-on-one to finally break that ceiling, though. Tony's nanotech suit made him ridiculously powerful. IIRC, it was those final dual energy beams he tried using that began to overwhelm the suit's power supply, and it started...
  12. Blue Beetle due August 2023

    The suit's ability to generate... "whatever".... is very much like the later Iron Man suits in the MCU. By the time Infinity War rolls around, Tony's practically a Green Lantern. Movies usually just chalk it up to the catch-all explanation of "Nanotech".
  13. Blue Beetle due August 2023

    I was referring mostly to the execution of the fight. The whole thing feels more real, more visceral than most of the more modern, CGI-intensive battles. The suit also felt more like a genuine piece of heavy-duty hardware rather than an almost magical sci-fi device. His motives are secondary...
  14. Ranting about quebec: newspark edition!

    The only positive thing I can say about Pierre is that even if I don't agree with him, policy-wise, at least he's a competent public speaker. And whenever he's insulting Trudeau I can at least get a laugh out of it. Justin's speeches have always been among the most frustrating to watch. He's a...
  15. Blue Beetle due August 2023

    As mentioned above, the "no killing" message is definitely muddled... at one point one of the faceless henchmen is stepped on and impaled through the gut by the leg of a giant robot scarab tank vehicle, at which one character quips "12 points", lol. The henchmen is then carried for about a dozen...
  16. Hollywood is on Strike

    Some of these writers may want to up their game in the future, then, because given a lot of the dreck that's come out of Hollywood over the last few years, I'd be willing to give ChatGPT a chance at writing scripts.
  17. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

    Not sure if I've been subjected to a cliffhanger like that since Best of Both Worlds. It's going to be a rough wait.
  18. Ranting about quebec: newspark edition!

    Yeah, but I mean that's all just assumed. Everybody knows he can't do his job.
  19. Star Trek General Discussion: 57 years of Star Trek to discuss

    It's hard to see in the show itself, especially given the lighting on those newer ships. The Fansets reproductions make it very clear, though.
  20. Star Trek General Discussion: 57 years of Star Trek to discuss

    I think my favorite, aesthetically, is the future-TNG/Prodigy S2. The ST: Picard era version, while similar, doesn't look as nice with the dark trapezoids... and then the one in use in the very last episode of Picard goes back to gold trapezoids, but still trimmed at the top... and a kind of...

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