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  1. Transformers Legacy Line Revealed

    Anyone else get an email from Pulse saying their Nacelle order was no longer available and was canceled?
  2. Generations Selects Appreciation Thread

    Reissue TR Fort Max is out! (and sold out on Pulse in under 5 minutes.)
  3. Transformers Hall of Fame 2023

    Full Playlist here
  4. Transformers Legacy Line Revealed

    Anyone think we may get a 40th anniversary release of Armada Unicron? (Platinum Edition version) This time with green leds behind his green transparent eyes?
  5. Transformers Legacy Line Revealed

    RID01 is still my fav series to date. Cybertron, Prime, Animated and Cyberverse fill out my top 5, (that aren't G1 continuity) great stand out characters and plot ideas. Would love to see Scattershot, Landmine, Wing Saber, Thunderblast, Crumplezone w/ Ransack, Airachnid, Lugnut, Clobber and...
  6. Transformers Legacy Line Revealed

    Went hunting for Dead End and Sideswipe since Pulse sold out, no luck. Also looking for Medix. People have finding him at GameStop and WalGreens, right? Is there any place online selling him?
  7. Transformers Legacy Line Revealed

    Got Nova and the 2 Pack off Pulse. Gotta pass on Nacelle. Had they gone with a Earthrise Thrust repaint or Siege Seeker remold, then I would've gotten it.
  8. Transformers Legacy Line Revealed

    The four Deluxe Toxitron Collection figures went up on Pulse at noon today. Sideswipe and Dead are already sold out.
  9. Transformers Legacy Line Revealed

    With the remolding they did for Senator Shockwave, I though for sure they would've made a Thrust remold for Nacelle if they were sticking with the Siege Seeker design.
  10. Transformers Legacy Line Revealed

    I'm thinking of going with: Jazz - Doritus Mirage - Sedalus (Seedless) Sideswipe - Boulevard or Sunchaser Laser Cycle - Sprite (the drink)
  11. Transformers Legacy Line Revealed

    Were there any options to pre order the rest of the G2 capsule? Pulse only has Toxitron, Cloudcover and Jazz. Yet Grimlock is showing up on shelves and I think wave 2 Laser Cycle, Mirage and Sideswipe have released over seas. BWBB Tow-line and Legacy Evolution Medix as well. I'm expecting to see...
  12. The Repaint Concept Thread

    It's just a Terrorcon insignia for Scourge, may have been a Autobot insignia for Prime, at one point.
  13. The Repaint Concept Thread

    Found a nice upgrade kit for Legacy Scourge here, that gives him a more RotB Scourge look in alt mode. Would like to see DNA designs get in on this, with a movie Scourge head, smoke stacks and weapons kit. Maybe ToyHax as well with a sticker upgrade kit.
  14. The Repaint Concept Thread

    Already upgraded my Speedia Scourge (Harbinger) by giving him Nemesis's sword and use the "gun" from Red Cog, the one that plugs into Elita 1's back, with Road Haulers grab claw. Going to get some silver insignias to place over the sides and back of his shoulders.
  15. Transformers FIgure WIshlist

    My wish list would require Legacy to last the rest of this decade. As I want as many characters from the last 28 years as possible. Not just G1ified versions of the G1 characters in the shows. Gives use Legacy BM and Prime Vehicons, Skid-Z, Shattershot (Both forms), Landmine, Landfill...
  16. Generations Selects Appreciation Thread

    Maybe they're waiting for a few more molds to be released so they can do a BotCon/Universe Capsule next year? Packrat and Fractyl 2 pack Cryotek (TM2 Megatron repaint) Razorclaw (Tigerhawk repaint) Roulette and Shadow Striker 2 pack (Sideburn repaint) TM Tigertron (Ravage repaint)
  17. The Repaint Concept Thread

    How have we not gotten this yet?
  18. Transformers Legacy Line Revealed

    If the BWBB Troop Builder pack does well, I hope Hasbro gives us a 2 pack with the Lavender and Teal Seekers. Maybe a Toxitron G2 3 pack of the G2 Red Wing Seekers at some point. A G2 Blackout and Cyberverse Afterburner would also be great!
  19. The Repaint Concept Thread

    Thunderwing from Kingdom Cyclonus/Legacy Metalhawk? Much rather they do a Metalhawk level retool/remold of Siege Jetfire into Thunderwing.Or, if we get Energon Megatron at some point. Remold/Retool that mold into Thunderwing. I want to see them release a Thunderclash repaint, slight remold of...
  20. Transformers Legacy Line Revealed

    I'm also surprised she's not based on her cobbled together and rebuilt design from Cyberverse. I thought for sure she was going to be a Junkion pretool repaint.

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