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  1. PrimalxConvoy

    Missing Link to News Article

    The article about the new 3Zero Optimus Prime ( ) has a broken forum discussion link ( )
  2. PrimalxConvoy

    Please could we have a TF Art/ custom TF sub-forum?

    Could see please have a new sub-forum for TF art and/or a defecated sub-forum for custom TFs please?
  3. PrimalxConvoy

    Toys Alliance ARC-07 Ursus Guard Starfall Rider Wolf Freki & Sturla

    Seems to be a "Warhammer 40k Spacewolf" styled Zoids-Transformer combiner figure, made by the same people behind the "Acid Rain" line of figures? Here's the order page for the latest figure...
  4. PrimalxConvoy

    October / November 2021 TV Magazine - "Powerful Long Haul"

    I just picked this up from my local Supermarket. Included below are photos of the toy, alongside all of the TF-related content from the magazine. Size reference with recent Inferno (not included).
  5. PrimalxConvoy


    Welcome to the Allspark's thread for all things Knockoff, 4P, KO, Bootleg and other non-official and non "third party" TFs. Please feel free to post sightings, share news or chew the cud about this underground and (sometimes misunderstood) part of TF culture. To start the ball rolling, here are...
  6. PrimalxConvoy

    Bugs and problems?

    Thanks for the revamp! Here's some things I've noticed: - I can't upload images in the form. It says there's a security issue? - I couldn't find any links to the forums at the main site page. There are other things I would like to see (extra features), but I'll wait a bit before posting, as...
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