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  1. Looking for Might Gaine

    Success. Thanks!
  2. Looking for Might Gaine

    Thanks! Feeling a bit silly, I didn't think of checking other forums.
  3. Looking for Might Gaine

    Thanks, Wheelimus. I tried TFwiki, where I found an email address, but no luck.
  4. Looking for Might Gaine

    Hi, I am looking to contact (former?) user Might Gaine. Could anybody help?
  5. Selling rare minicons and microns, more UT toys.

    Latest update, 16/10/22 I slightly changed the titles from ebay, that's why you'll find extra words below. Ebay shop: minicon_micron_shop 20% off when buying directly. Armada Adventure Team, Micron Legend minicon, Unicron Trilogy Armada Air Military Team Targetmaster micron legend Unicron...
  6. WANT: Unreleased and Lucky Draw TFs from Unicron Trilogy

    Hi, I am looking for a fre unreleased items from the Unicron Trilogy, in particular from Armada/Micron Legend. I am also looling for two Lucky Draws: 1) Lucky Draw Ice Magnus from Micron Legend 2) Lucky Draw Megalo Convoy from Galaxy Force If you are interested in discussing a sale, I am buying.

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