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  1. Dekafox

    The Twit destroying Twitter is a Twaitor

    Also things are certainly going well, he's only lost $24 billion at -his- estimate(which would naturally be considered a best case):
  2. Dekafox

    The environment thread (because climate change isn't the only issue) This goes over some of the general improvements etc made over the years, though it doesn't specifically touch on the newer types mentioned in the kurtzgesagt video. directly...
  3. Dekafox

    The environment thread (because climate change isn't the only issue)

    Whether that's true or not doesn't have any bearing on the actual failsafes and what-not being better. Again, you're saying that the Prius is the same in safety in a crash as the old gas guzzler because the driver isn't wearing a seatbelt in either case. Also, what people said above - this was...
  4. Dekafox

    Transformers Legacy Line Revealed

  5. Dekafox

    The environment thread (because climate change isn't the only issue)

    And said reactor has been in operation since the 1970s, based on what I'm seeing. That's like saying a Prius has the same safety issues as a 1970's lead gasoline guzzling road hog.
  6. Dekafox

    Random Thoughts From Out of Nowhere

    Time for a "Beware of Peacock" yard sign
  7. Dekafox

    Star Trek: Picard

  8. Dekafox

    2023 Celebrity Death Thread

    And now we've lost our first Ultra Brother.
  9. Dekafox

    in this post we post to post

    Toasting in an epic bread.
  10. Dekafox

    The Biden-Harris Administration

    Yeah, anyone with any sort of security clearance should have it banned for them, honestly. For everyone else, it's not any worse than Twitter et al, and the US companies are probably selling the same data to the CCP through cutouts, because money's money. This is 100% because the US tech...
  11. Dekafox

    How to survive?

    Also Cancer isn't a single thing, just like there's not a single "Common Cold" virus. The only thing the various types have in common is the "forgetting their function and growing out of control, taking all the resources they can" bit. There's vaccinations already that work on greatly reducing...
  12. Dekafox

    We Believe in Metal

  13. Dekafox

    Rewriting Transformers Energon

    In Micron Legend he stayed Megatron(the toy was Megatron Super Mode), and then was Galvatron the entire time(the upgrade was Galvatron G) in Super Link. Galaxy Force as aired originally wasn't linked to the previous two, hence Master Megatron (though you can see where it started with the bits of...
  14. Dekafox

    The Twit destroying Twitter is a Twaitor

    A very professional business run in a very professional way. This is the biggest brain way to handle PR. (And yes, it does actually respond with that from what I've seen.)
  15. Dekafox

    Dungeons & Dragons

    A con man would pretty much be a high-charisma rogue, bard, or illusionist, depending on how much magical support for your cons you want/need.
  16. Dekafox

    Random Thoughts From Out of Nowhere

    A grill is just a flamethrower with a really short range.
  17. Dekafox

    G1 Transformers Size, Power, and Mass

    After all, what's the difference between a semi cab that makes it's trailer appear out of nowhere and a rocket that makes it's launching pad reappear out of nowhere?
  18. Dekafox

    Robotech Novels

    The movie was actually a FOURTH seperate production trying to be woven into the story(I believe Megazone 23?), which is why it doesn't fit very well. Frankly, it's a bit surprising they didn't try to adapt Orguss in at all. Heck, that might have made a good source to pull form for Sentinels if...
  19. Dekafox

    Random Thoughts From Out of Nowhere

    The extra fries they give you are where the extra $4 goes. And/or the fact that their regular cheeseburger is a double cheeseburger anywhere else. Besides you don't go for the burger, you go for the fries.
  20. Dekafox

    Robotech Novels

    All I'll say on time travel is it tied into the ending of the series... "End of the Circle" from what I recall did feature it a couple ways, but my memory is fuzzy wiht how many years it has been, AND I don't really want to spoil. And to be fair, Macross (and to a lesser extend Mospeada)...
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