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  1. Plutoniumboss

    Sound off: Last TF you bought

    Finally found Grindor, and he is good. Worth the wait. Both modes top notch. The rotor span makes the alt mode feel extra huge. The robot mode doesn't have much more kibble than the actual movie model does. Ravage is... there. He's fine.
  2. Plutoniumboss

    Transformers Legacy Line Revealed

    This is the Transformers fandom. We were always going to riot anyway.
  3. Plutoniumboss

    Netflix Live Action Cowboy Bebop Series

    The original wasn't afraid to get silly and a bit experimental, while still balancing it out with solid noir drama. At the very least, I see genuine creativity and respect for the original here.
  4. Plutoniumboss

    Sound off: Last TF you bought

    But they haven't made molds or tooling yet. At least, they hadn't as of this same point in the Unicron campaign. We didn't get the update about the molds being created until months after the backing period ended. What we've seen so far is preliminary engineering, and it's not unusual at all for...
  5. Plutoniumboss

    Transformers Hall of Fame 2021

    I find that tabbing her arms to each other isn't as necessary to securing them as making sure her claws are going through the cutouts in the soles of her feet correctly.
  6. Plutoniumboss

    Transformers Hall of Fame 2021

    I have had zero of these problems.
  7. Plutoniumboss

    Transformers Hall of Fame 2021

    There's really only one toy on that list that really deserves the Hall of Fame. Blackarachnia. There are plenty of good solid figures there, but Kingdom BA is legendary. Honorable mention should go to Paleotrex though.
  8. Plutoniumboss

    HasLab Victory Saber

    I wouldn't personally call that quite "figured out". Almost, but something about it just doesn't do it for me.
  9. Plutoniumboss


  10. Plutoniumboss

    Transformers: The Basics

    A new body that just happens to be shaped like the Ark.
  11. Plutoniumboss

    Transformers: The Basics

    I didn't know Tank Unicron was supposed to be the possessed chassis of the Ark, but now that I know I wonder how I could have missed it.
  12. Plutoniumboss

    Gremlins…would he?

    Wasn't Gizmo shown actively avoiding eating after midnight anyway?
  13. Plutoniumboss

    Sound off: Last TF you bought

    On the other hand, Road Rage's front end panel gaps aren't too bad because they run along the edges of where the car's hood would be anyway. Also also, those Corvette curves look so good in red.
  14. Plutoniumboss

    Sound off: Last TF you bought

    Road Rage arrived today. The face looks much better in person than in pictures. She looks great, is kinda floppy, and has a couple of QC issues. One of the rear fins always comes off when you rotate it, and the pin in her left hip had misfired bending the plastic instead of going all the way in...
  15. Plutoniumboss

    Takara Tomy G1 Optimus Prime (Kingdom Ultra Magnus Redeco) With Tensegrity Stand

    The stand is kinda nifty, but overengineered, and they cost more than a ten-pack of stands on Amazon that do just as good a job of holding a figure up. As for the figure, they have the absolute cojones to put the Masterpiece label on THAT? Really?
  16. Plutoniumboss

    Sound off: Last TF you bought

    Core Megatron. He's not perfect, but at that size I'm willing to forgive far more shortcuts than I am in a deluxe or larger. Also the barrel of the tank being his gun mode is a nice touch that gets a few bonus points.
  17. Plutoniumboss

    Don't Google This...

    It's over the top camp shock comedy exploitation. In a similar vein, don't google author Shawn Wunjo.
  18. Plutoniumboss

    Draculus revealed.

    Looking at that jaw I'm getting a heavy Mike Mignola vibe.
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