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  1. Magnusblitz

    Transformers: Rise of the Beasts - rescheduled for 9 June 2023

    Yeah it feels like BM Cheetor with all the cool aspects taken away (nice bold color scheme, stylish curves, awesome swords).
  2. Magnusblitz

    Does anyone have any idea of when it is most likely we will find out who the new Transformers comic publisher and why it has not happened yet?

    It got announced in May 2022 that Marvel was losing the rights to Conan the Barbarian at the end of the year, and a month later in June 2022 it was announced Titan Comics had picked up the license and would be publishing new Conan stuff in May 2023. I know that's just one data point but I think...
  3. Magnusblitz

    Your Top figures for 2022?

    Kinda funny, even being a huge G2 fan and wanting an OG Jhiaxus for a long time, I was a little unsure at first because my mental image of him from the comics was a bit wider/squatter than the toy ended up, which is rather athletic. But having the toy in hand, I think it nailed it, and actually...
  4. Magnusblitz

    Transformers: Rise (console MMO) rumored

    Trailer certainly doesn't make it look an MMO, though honestly the trailer had so little it could almost be anything.
  5. Magnusblitz

    Transformers: Rise of the Beasts - rescheduled for 9 June 2023

    I agree the vibe I get from the trailer is much more Bay than Bumblebee, even though it's in-continuity with the latter and not the former. Trailers can lie, of course... I think my main worry is the amount of characters. BB basically had Bee, Charlie, Memo, John Cena, Shatter and Dropkick. 6...
  6. Magnusblitz

    HasLab Deathsaurus

    Zac's suggestion of the Nemesis makes sense to me - it's got a pretty striking design I think. We're at 3/5 of the Dinobots... maybe a two-pack of Snarl and Swoop, to do them right? I'm worried if there's a bit of a drop-off between Snarl and the others due to cost inflation, and Swoop may be a...
  7. Magnusblitz

    HasLab Deathsaurus

    Yeah, I kinda wonder how much to read into that. On one hand "something that celebrates the 40th anniversary" would seem to mean it has to be something from 1984, which is pretty limiting, especially if it's not Optimus or a gun Megatron. (Ark? Seems unlikely after just doing the Titan, unless...
  8. Magnusblitz

    HasLab Deathsaurus

    Uh oh, it turns out the gold is vac metal after all...
  9. Magnusblitz

    Countdown to Extinction: List of Buying IDW 2.0 in the Fewest Purchases Possible

    It looks like the side series (Galaxies, Wreckers: Tread and Circuits, and Escape) are included in the 6 volumes you linked: Vol 1: Transformers #1-12 Vol 2: Transformers #13-18, Galaxies #1-6 Vol 3: Transformers #19-24, Galaxies #7-12 Vol 4: Transformers #25-30, Escape #1-5, the Valentine...
  10. Magnusblitz

    HasLab Deathsaurus

    On the fence about this one... didn't go in on Star Saber because I've got no real attachment to the character, but Deathsaurus has shown up a lot elsewhere outside of Victory, and bad guys are cooler anyways. Is there a chance we see a picture of the painted version before the backing phase...
  11. Magnusblitz

    The Repaint Concept Thread

    Yeah, after a really close look, I see it. The top half, at least - I agree that the visor kinda throws off the eyes and everything under it. But everything above the visor line is definitely Autobot symbol.
  12. Magnusblitz

    More Walmart Reissues: 86 Deco Hot Rod & Starscream

    Allsparkers: "Man, I wish they'd give us a magneta Hot Rod..." monkey's paw curls
  13. Magnusblitz

    PulseCon 2022

    Scraphook looks surprisingly cool. I'm just not wild about the color scheme... obviously it's very Junkion-esque, no complaints there, just kinda drab with all the tan. Wonder if it'll get redecoed as something more bold and fun. As for the rest, I think I'll get Breakdown to complete the set...
  14. Magnusblitz

    Velocitron Speedia 500 Collection - Transformers: Legacy subline at Walmart

    If we were to ever get Marvel Soundwave - mouth or no mouth?
  15. Magnusblitz

    Velocitron Speedia 500 Collection - Transformers: Legacy subline at Walmart

    I figure Shadowstrip means we'll get G2 repaints of all the Stunticons, which is kinda disappointing as they're not very interesting IMO (aside from Breakdown who is awesome). I definitely would've liked to see them try for something more out there, even if it was a stretch like Turbomasters or...
  16. Magnusblitz

    Super 7 ReAction

    Just when I think we've gotten it all, they continue to surprise me...
  17. Magnusblitz

    Budiansky 1985 Toy/Character list frm 8/15/84

    Call me crazy but I think it might say "Convoy".
  18. Magnusblitz

    Transformers: Last Bot Standing - IDW Publishing comic miniseries

    I do agree the art seemed hurried this last issue. Everything looks very flat - I'm not sure if it's the penciler or colorist, but there's both less shading and thicker line work (which tends to make things look not as detailed) then the last issues. I do note there's an extra colorist on this...
  19. Magnusblitz

    Shattered Glass Thread

    Issue #1 was ... okay. Same creative team as the first series, so if you read that, you know what you're getting here. I liked the focus on Magnus, but he felt a bit all over the place personality-wise, going from seemingly naive lawyer to intimidating thug to simpering underling, then back...
  20. Magnusblitz

    Transformers: Last Bot Standing - IDW Publishing comic miniseries

    I think that's about how I'd rate it too. I don't think it quite reached the highs I was hoping for given the concept, but it is a good concept and was done fairly well. (I was hoping for a bit more "old" Rodimus I suppose, or maybe a bit more time pondering the end, rather than an "ok see ya"...
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