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  1. lastmaximal

    Transformers: EarthSpark

    As mentioned above, looks like the show is continuing the Cyberverse fashion of build-a-figure Deluxe waves. They look good. (Bee looks to be an ER Sunstreaker-like situation though where the paint and plastic match doesn't look as good in photos.) Pics from In Demand Toys: [/spoiler]
  2. lastmaximal

    Shattered Glass Thread

    Sure hope they sorted out their plastic supply issues, then.
  3. lastmaximal

    Sorta-new TF 'Taters reaching Malaysia

    Previously released elsewhere (like Qatar), hitting Malaysia this month into December.
  4. lastmaximal

    Transformers: Rise (console MMO) rumored

    From the front page, and as reported by GameRant. Leaks supposedly coming from developer Certain Affinity, per content creator RoboGamer1HD. (video just discusses the leaks, which are supposedly "100% confirmed").
  5. lastmaximal

    Hasbro Brand Team Roundtable Notes

    Maybe it's an internal effort to associate the name more strongly with one brand (Diaclone) than another (Transformers), like how Hasbro kept using Shockblast for GI Joe even after they'd gotten Shockwave back.
  6. lastmaximal

    The Repaint Concept Thread

    Really need a redo of that Op (heck, maybe even pack it in with an alt head or sticker set to help characterize him as a more-distinct-from-Op Sureshot, more than just a name change) who would then be a few tooling bits away from being a redo of Energon Rodimus.
  7. lastmaximal

    Post Pictures of Your Transformers!

    I figured as much. I'm not much for the Grimlock, but Snarl, Slug, and Sludge look really well done. Shame they stopped with Cyberverse here when they clearanced the hell out of the Deluxes in early 2021. Getting these three will be a bit of work.
  8. lastmaximal

    Favourte Gimmicks?

    Spark crystals all day. Love love love those. Little bit of clear gemlike plastic with chrome backing and a sculpted-in symbol, mwah. Actually clear plastic in general, although the breakage risks always give me anxiety. This applies to everything else on this list, as you'll see. I also...
  9. lastmaximal

    Post Pictures of Your Transformers!

    I gotta get these.
  10. lastmaximal

    Post Pictures of Your Transformers!

    Okay, this works pretty well. Think I'll hold on to the "comic universe" head, but not sure if I need both this and the Fan Vote pack body now. Certainly not after the toyhax sheets give this one some hzard stripe deco. (I'm holding off on ordering more stuff for the moment though, as it's...
  11. lastmaximal

    The Repaint Concept Thread

    I do love this. But c'mon! Feed the Rodimi!
  12. lastmaximal

    The Repaint Concept Thread

    I'd love to see if this mold could pull off an Energon Rodimus look, perhaps with some boosters/a spoiler to replace the crane/hook. It's even got a goatee, which might be cool for a grizzled older Rodimus (we usually just see the SG one's van Dyke).
  13. lastmaximal

    Botbots Appreciation thread!

    Fanmade botbots zine! Haven't had a chance to read through all of it yet but looks fun.
  14. lastmaximal

    More Walmart Reissues: 86 Deco Hot Rod & Starscream

    I'd love for them to finally make one out of a Chromedome.
  15. lastmaximal

    Post Pictures of Your Transformers!

    Thanks! Not having handled the mold before I mulled it over for a while. But once I saw how it could be disassembled and masked (what couldn't get the former was easy enough to work with the latter), and how little really needed changing, I decided to go for it.
  16. lastmaximal

    Post Pictures of Your Transformers!

    Yup, painted the Alternate Universe Op the rest of the way black and gave him Spoiler Box Nemesis' head. And a TAV sword.
  17. lastmaximal

    She-Hulk Disney+ Series

    Oh, absolutely. That layer is in there too, and that's sufficiently enraging for sure. Just pointing out another layer pointed to by the actual line of dialogue; this bit was clearly meant to be the peak of it as it follows a string of dating app matches, pictures of Captain America's ass, and...
  18. lastmaximal

    The Biden-Harris Administration

    I mean, if they believe they can charge him, they should just do so. They probably would've done so. Why float this? Just do it. I can see Republican jockstraps supporters rushing to point and laugh at Democrat supporters and go "ha! What do you have to say NOW?" and then look as utterly...
  19. lastmaximal

    Post Pictures of Your Transformers!

    I stand corrected. This was a really good design.
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