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  1. Paladin

    MI governor Gretchent Whitmer kidnappers found NOT GUILTY They admitted they wanted to start a SECOND CIVIL WAR and the jury let them go.
  2. Paladin

    Ms Marvel on D+ June 8

    ... i have MIXED thoughts on this. They appear to have changed Kamala Khans' entire power set. Either they can't afford or don't want stretchy size changing or they're still terrified of any association with "The Inhumans." A bigger red flag to me is Kamala suddenly crushing over a hot dude-...
  3. Paladin

    Netflix Botbots show

    check it out March 25th!
  4. Paladin

    Transformers: EarthSpark

    behold the new Nickelodeon series!
  5. Paladin

    The Cuphead Show

    finally; a version you can sit through without breaking a controller in fury.
  6. Paladin

    we've lost Derrick J Wyatt...

  7. Paladin

    Sonic The Hedgehog

    so how many animators did they lay off this time?
  8. Paladin

    Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse

    Part 1!
  9. Paladin

    Murder remains legal for white boys Gonna be a FUN election cycle next year, huh...
  10. Paladin

    Studio Series 2022 First Look

    An all Bee Movie Wave!
  11. Paladin

    4 Sale- Selects, Adventure, Zords and more!

    Thought I'd try the direct method for a couple of items. Terms of sales: 1. Paypal only (REALY funds, none of that "crypto" shit) 2. Prices are in US Dollars and do not include shipping UNLESS NOTED 3. Leave feedback when transactions are completed & I will do the same. 4. No trades, please...
  12. Paladin

    Cang Toys' Team Volcanicus

    this is a VERY unique sort of take on the Dinobot team.
  13. Paladin

    Disney & Pixar present- "LIGHTYEAR!"

  14. Paladin

    History of the World, Part 2 Mel Brooks; 95 years old & still at it.
  15. Paladin

    Animorphs graphic novels

    There's only 2 of these so far but I'm really enjoying the updated storytelling. If you grew up in the 90s and remember this series I recommend picking these up! Hopefully the line continues. and maybe sidesteps some of the crappier books...
  16. Paladin

    Planet X "CACUS"- IDW Grimlock

    another impressive bit of work.
  17. Paladin

    Muppets Haunted Mansion

    Two great tastes that go great together!
  18. Paladin

    comedian Norm MacDonald dead at 61 RIP Turd Ferguson. :(
  19. Paladin

    Cyberverse Appreciation Thread

    Found the new Deluxes at retail. picked up Cheetor, Thunderhowl & Grimlock. the new packaging is interesting but the open-box seems like it'll cause more problems than solve.
  20. Paladin

    What's Cooking?

    Share your culinary creations! pulled this together last week- stir fry; usting mostly leftover meat & veggies.
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