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  1. Galvatron77

    There are tech specs or something similar for DK3 Breaker?

    Hi I know some of the figures on Diaclone color have tech specs from Collectors Club or Materpiece figures, but I cannot find anything on this guy. By the Way, Hasbro been lazy last years on that, providing less info on the character. I am one who needs to know who am I buying.
  2. Galvatron77

    Everything is sold

    Hello everyone. I added this items on Ebay and on a facebook group. I will take them down or modifiy if some items are sold. I totally prefer to sell outside ebay. Runamuck and Runabput from the Collectors club are sold already. Thanks. I re-started to collect Masters of the Universe, and I...
  3. Galvatron77

    Expo Prime 2014 in San Jose, Costa Rica

    Hello everyone. I will post pictures of the last Transforners Official Convention we held in my country. We received a lot of help from Hasbro, the Collectors Club and the media. We received 10000 persons on that Weekend. It was held on the Child's Museum (Museo de los Niños) It was a former...
  4. Galvatron77

    Could anyone guide me on how to load pictures?

    A few years ago someone guide me on how to upload pictures. My user here was erased, for what I've seen something happened to the forum. I was able to use again my same email and user. I wanted to load pictures of 2 offical conventions we had in Costa Rica 20 years ago (in the second we had a...
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