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  1. lastmaximal

    Sorta-new TF 'Taters reaching Malaysia

    Previously released elsewhere (like Qatar), hitting Malaysia this month into December.
  2. lastmaximal

    Transformers: Rise (console MMO) rumored

    From the front page, and as reported by GameRant. Leaks supposedly coming from developer Certain Affinity, per content creator RoboGamer1HD. (video just discusses the leaks, which are supposedly "100% confirmed").
  3. lastmaximal

    Hasbro officially announces the "Selfie Series" toyline

    3d-printed custom heads made to order, on Power Rangers, Ghostbusters, Star Wars, GI Joe, and Marvel bodies, with unique packaging. More, presumably, at SDCC. PAWTUCKET, RI – July 13– Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ:HAS) announced its new personalization platform with its first product introduction...
  4. lastmaximal

    Transformers: Heavy Metal canceled

    Niantic has had to cancel four projects (one of them being TF: Heavy Metal) and lay off 8% of its workforce, as reported by Bloomberg.
  5. lastmaximal

    Monopoly, featuring... Beast Wars?! has listed a new upcoming spin on the classic game ($89.99, AUD presumably):
  6. lastmaximal

    4/1 Transformers Leaks

    From the front page! Move over, Armada: Pokeformers means something very different in 2022! And "It's a whopper, all right": the next HasLab project leaks! Also reeks, possibly. Thanks to everyone involved for their contributions to having a little levity in the middle of (gestures...
  7. lastmaximal

    Transformers Deck-Building Card Game

    The core set from Renegade Game Studios gets an expansion that lets you play as a Decepticon -- against other Decepticons in a struggle for power, or against the Autobots! Become a mighty Decepticon and race to defeat the Autobots in this standalone expansion to the Transformers Deck-Building...
  8. lastmaximal

    Jada Toys 2022 TF product

    Lots of familiar product still going, and some neat Nano vehicles. If anyone likes Sideswipe, I'm looking at getting that 3-pack and may not be keeping him.
  9. lastmaximal

    Transformers: Forged to Fight 2022 update

    From the front page. Here's what to expect, from the game website itself:
  10. lastmaximal

    Yolopark PLAMO Optimus Prime model kit

    From the front page. Now up for preorder. HK$888/~US$134, looks amazing.
  11. lastmaximal

    Figure King #288 scans: Getsuei, Kingdom KD-EX, Studio Series

    Nothing new, seemingly, but the hype keeps building for these.
  12. lastmaximal

    Transformers Bearbricks

    Still a thing, apparently. And this line is going to turn 21 this year, oof!
  13. lastmaximal

    Transformers Statues and Busts etc

    Siege-based Megatron Ultimate Version is featured in this Prime1 Studios gallery on Facebook. I'm not much for statues (especially with these being so toy-based anyway) but seeing the slick high-end premium treatment is kind of cool...
  14. lastmaximal

    New ehobby merch: character cards and acrylic logo stands

    Somewhat unexpectedly including Convobat and Megalligator! Order at
  15. lastmaximal

    Symbiote Studios and cuddly Transformers merch

    They make pretty cute plush toys and shirts! They currently have a new Soundwave in the works, sporting a classic-accurate visor.
  16. lastmaximal

    Jeremy Levy and Cyberverse VAs to do autograph signing and live Q and A for charity Jan 9, 2PM EST

    Proceeds go to the Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research. Anyone got any questions they want to ask?
  17. lastmaximal

    Sideshow and Unruly Industries tease designer collectible Optimus Prime by SketOne

    Not sure what to make of this, but it's nice to see the stoic Autobot leader be so... dynamic.
  18. lastmaximal

    New Authentics product -- Mini Bot Racers, masks, Cyber Battlers

    Arcee and Trailbreaker seem to now be part of the Authentics rotation, thanks to reused Rescue Bots Mini Bot Racer molds. And (Rescue Bots) Hoist!
  19. lastmaximal

    Four Transformers shows leaving Netflix in February

    per Leaving in February: Transformers Prime Transformers Robots in Disguise (2015) Transformers Rescue Bots Transformers Rescue Bots Academy At least Prime has three seasons on YouTube, and RID 2015 has some there too. Anyone have any favorite memories or moments from these shows?
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