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  1. Videomaster21XX

    Well I knew shopping at Gamestop would bite me someday.

    So I pre-ordered that special edition of Bayonetta 3. I know it came out last weekend. I was only able to do the five bucks down minimum for it, but I was happy to have it pre-ordered. Last weekend I was at a convention and they called me during it. I couldn't answer the phone and they left a...
  2. Videomaster21XX

    The Pony Toy Thread!

    Okay we didn't seem to have anything official for this, so I made one. Went to Five Below today and found these three. Sadly They didn't have Izzy or Pip, but from a bit of googling, they do exist in the line. Problem is, it's hard as heck to FIND this set online. I've seen Izzy and Pip on...
  3. Videomaster21XX

    Got an Oculus Quest 2 for Christmas!

    It says it should be able to be used for Steam games as well so, anyone also have any VR system for the computer? Any games I should look into? I'm already looking at the obvious like Halflife Alyx. When it comes to VR, I'm not against anything, so any suggestions are welcome.
  4. Videomaster21XX


    Looks like the WB saw Nickelodeon trying for a Smash Brothers and decided to enter the ring themselves. Gotta admit, Ultra Instinct Shaggy and voice acting has my attension.
  5. Videomaster21XX

    The Scooby Doo Thread!

    Just finished the Scooby Doo Meets Courage the Cowardly Dog movie. If you're a fan of the shows, this is well worth the watch. Has a ton of fun Courage easter eggs to see, and it doesn't try to give a 'logical' explanation as to why Nowhere is as it is. Nowhere is just weird. All In all I say...
  6. Videomaster21XX

    New Anime Stream Thread (Also Saturday Morning Cartoons, and bad movie nights)

    Figure why not? Some folks here might still be interested in checking out what we're showing. This Thursday we begin two new shows! Sheild Hero and Ascendance of a Book Worm! Yep, Isekai mayhem, but arguably two of the best of the genre. It'll be interesting for me to hear the dub of these...
  7. Videomaster21XX

    So I turn 40 this Friday. Doing an all day game stream.

    I almost didn't post this, but I figure if it gets one more vote, why not? My current plan is to do an all day game stream this Friday from likely 11am EST to whenever. Those are the choices of what series I'll attempt. The basic idea is that I'm going to play...
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