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  1. Rhinox

    HasLab Deathsaurus

    He should probably get his own thread, so here we go. Already at over 3,500 backers with 11,000 needed for production and 17,000 for all the tiers, Deathsaurus looks well on his way to being made. Overall this...
  2. Rhinox

    The Official Transformers Role Playing Game So, am I the only one who had no idea this was a thing and coming? It was pointed out to me by a friend on Facebook and, of course, I ordered a copy. Came in today. Book looks nice, came with a free PDF...
  3. Rhinox

    The Bad News.

    I've been avoiding talking about this with anyone save my spouse for a while, but, well I guess it's time. So y'all may remember my last thread where I talked about landing a coveted position in the Parole office. Took a pay cut, but it was worth it to finally have a steady 8-5 with weekends...
  4. Rhinox

    The Good News

    It occurred to me that we need a thread for some good news. There's a ton of bad news in the world, let's get some good news going. I'll start. For those who don't know, I've been a corrections officer for almost 7 years now. The last few have been an almost constant battle with my...
  5. Rhinox

    The Next Gen Console Hunt

    So, its been almost a year since the PS5 and Xbox Series X were released. Despite the time passing shortages continue to plague as none are available in stores and you have to play the 'am I feeling lucky' game every time you check online. While I've seen a few of the digital only new gen...
  6. Rhinox

    Bettering Yourself

    And here we are again all. Stuck at home, occasionally quarantined. Limited ability to gather and socialize. Dealing with the world as we find it. In the face of the realities we face, what are you doing to better yourself? What do you do to keep yourself going? For me, I'm back to...
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