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  1. Dvandom

    Customs G1 Minerva from Nightbeat - blast from the past

    After reviewing Legacy Minerva, I decided to dig out my late 90s Minerva custom and see if it had survived decades in storage. Amazingly it did, although I didn't want to push things so I didn't try transforming it. Here's some pictures, compared to Legacy. (I was going for screen accuracy...
  2. Dvandom

    Customs (Non-TF) Dave's Final Faction Thread

    Okay, clearly this is going to be a Thing for me. (Could a mod please splice the other threads into this one?) Leader of Alpha Team, Master Sergeant Steadfast is a cyborg and a chef. So in addition to repainting the figure, I built him a tray of cookies. Comparison shots: Some WIP bits...
  3. Dvandom

    2022 Lunar Eclipse

    I used a $3 app called NightCap and a cheap Bell & Howell telescope attachment, plus steady(ish) hands and a lot of deleted bad pics. The telescope: ---Dave
  4. Dvandom

    Customs (Non-TF) Shift from Final Faction

    Slight physical modding (made her face more angular, bent her hair back a bit), otherwise just paint and noticing molded details that were concealed by the factory paint job. ---Dave
  5. Dvandom

    Customs (Non-TF) Welcome to you're "DOOM!"

    Just a quickie from a Kharn Drone and a lot of white paint. ---Dave
  6. Dvandom

    Customs (Non-TF) Final Faction ACRM as RM-79 GM Gundam

    This one I didn't try for shading other than on the battle damage, to make it look more retro. ---Dave
  7. Dvandom

    Customs (Non-TF) Final Faction Amari custom

    Another Final Faction figure. This time I departed a little more from the original colors (mostly the jacket), but tried to keep it at least a little toyetic. ---Dave
  8. Dvandom

    Customs (Non-TF) Final Faction Krepitus custom

    I decided to see if I could make Flea stay on better via magnets, and of course I had to go the rest of the way and paint it all. ---Dave
  9. Dvandom

    Customs DK-2 Guard Touchup

    Managed to stop myself before turning it into the A-Team van.
  10. Dvandom

    Customs Quick Golden Disk Collection Jackpot mod

    I have a 3mm drillbit and no fear about using it. ---Dave
  11. Dvandom

    Friendship is Random: MLP TTRPGs

    Looks like the rather good Tails of Equestria game is coming to an end unless there's a non-exclusivity in their license, as Renegade Studios continues its sweep of Hasbro properties with a MLP TTPRG (and a card game) available for pre-order. They've been awfully quiet about the actual systems...
  12. Dvandom

    Customs Studio Soundwave #83 touchup

    This is not how Citadel's contrast medium is supposed to be used, but just like my zombie Barricade, it works well for my purposes. And, since I just found Ravage this afternoon: ---Dave
  13. Dvandom

    Customs Shoes for Cheetor and his kin

    I decided I was tired of Cheetor/Ravage/Shadow Panther having tiny feet, so I commissioned Trent Troop to make some shoes. These are dyed-and-painted from the prototype run, found a few bits that need tweaking before Trent puts them up on Prize Inside on Shapeways. But they definitely help...
  14. Dvandom

    Customs TF/Monsterpocalypse Crossover: Megatron MR Tank

    Without the pistol, I noticed that the tank mode of Core Class Megatron looks kinda like the MR Tank in Monsterpocalypse. So, when a friend wanted just the pistol from a Megatron, I used the rest (and some Apoxie Clay and Dremeling) to make this. ---Dave
  15. Dvandom

    Friendship is Plastic: MLP toy thread

    Looks like no one restarted this one. To kick it off, Ross (Dress for Less) has had the D&D crossover ponies for a while now ($30 for a five-pack, G1-styled, plus a big sparkly pink d20), and today I saw Plasmane, the Ghostbusters crossover pony (also G1, $9). These are all molded hair, not...
  16. Dvandom

    Customs Blackboard Ultra Magnus

    So, the school I work at uses Blackboard as a course management system. Next year we're updating to Blackboard Ultra. I have a spare Robot Heroes Ultra Magnus. So I bought a bottle of chalkboard paint and made this: (I dyed the figure black in case of joint exposure issues, then painted it...
  17. Dvandom

    Customs Kingdom Soundblaster

    Got a spare Core class Soundwave today, drove out as many pins as I could (bent a pin punch in the process) and dyed most of the blue parts black. Had to paint the fists. The shoulder joints got SUPER stiff, I suspect the ball parts warped a bit in the scalding dye. Not sure if I want to do...
  18. Dvandom

    Customs Lava Terrorsaur

    In yet another alternate timeline, Terrorsaur survived the quantum surge, but still fell into the lava, coming out as a magma-infused Fossilizer. (I don't have any Predacon symbol labels, so I just settled for painting over the Maximal symbol.) ---Dave
  19. Dvandom

    Customs Tiny Turbo Changer Channel

    Tiny Turbo Changers Ironhide was disappointingly unpainted, even for a TTT, and I decided that rather than make it look more Ironhide-y, I'd go with another Channel (my OC since the mid-90s) custom. ---Dave
  20. Dvandom

    Customs Sparkless Bot touchup

    Got one on clearance yesterday, decided it really needed more gunk on the gray parts, and a few tweaks here and there. (It rang up as Barricade, suggesting Walmart has headcanon.) ---Dave
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